Thursday, March 20, 2008

PSA - Scooter is Good with Bicycles

My buddy, Scooter, is an AWESOME bicycle rider. He can go thirty-two (32) miles per hour on his bicycle. He says that 32 mph hurts.

I have said in the past that wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is teh gey. I am rethinking that statement. I still reserve the right to call those biking shorts teh gey, though. 'Cause they are.

The old work group is going to get together for lunch next week, I'll take a photo and let y'all see the recovery effort.

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David Drake said...

Oooooof, yeah, that looks painful. Hope he recovers quickly and wholly.

Now, a question: how did you approach taking the photo? Did you say, "Dude, I want to take a pic of you for my blog," or what? Just curious cuz I know if it were me in his place I wouldn't let no blogging buddy run my stitched, bruised and bloodied face.

Paul Mitchell said...

David, he sent the photo to me when he was loopy on pain killahs. I told him today that I posted it and he laughed, because he is still on the dope.

He won't care anyway because it is a public service announcement for the chillun' to wear helmets. Us Mississippians loves us some chillun'.

Anonymous said...

he sent the photo to me when he was loopy on pain killahs.

It's almost worth the accident for the painkiller! ;-)