Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uh, Barry has only made it this far because he's a Black guy?

One of Hillary Clinton's resident morons, Geraldine Ferraro, said that Barry has only made it this far because he is Black. Well, that rings true because no one can axe him a tough question because then they would be racist. Look, Democrats are stupid, okay? Don't you understand that? And Barry is an extra special type of moron, but he is smart enough to keep the reporters at bay with his extra stupid wife's statements about racism.

Hillary will be fine even though all of the cards are stacked against her. I have no pity for anyone that is dumb enough to vote for either of these dumbasses. Those Democrat voters are simply the segment of our population that have nothing to contribute to the world, they are leeches on those of us that are capable of taking care of ourselves.

This is a battle for our very lives, folks. There is the philosophy of the intelligent folks that demands that we provide for ourselves, and there is the philosophy of the morons that demands someone else provide their everything. Sorry, but I shall not provide for anyone that demands my production for their continued failures.

Democrat philosophy is that of the loser and moocher. Democrats cannot even question one of their candidates because of a physical trait that he did not select. His skin color is the deciding factor of what the reporters axe him. What do you think about that?

Just so you know, skin color trumps genitalia, so keep that in mind next time you select candidates, you morons.

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Harrison said...

I'm confused. I thought he was only half black. Why don't reporters just ask the questions they want to ask to his white half?

Revealin', isn't it. If he can't be honest about his race, why should we expect him to be honest about anything else.

Skunkfeathers said...

It's been an interesting primary season, watching the Democrats claw and tear at one another's allegedly "core" constituencies.