Saturday, March 01, 2008

Universal Healthcare and Medical Breakthroughs

I have repeatedly asked for anyone to come up with the medical breakthroughs or discoveries from other countries, no one has offered, so I will answer my own question.

We always hear about the cost of healthcare in the countries with the forced healthcare systems versus the healthcare in the United States. The source of this information that is always cited is the World Health Organization Report on Healthcare in Industrialized Countries. The ignored stats from this very same study are the satisfaction (which tells you the QUALITY of healthcare) reported in the countries and the medical patents that are reported (which tells you the competence of research) in these countries.

These stats are from the very same study that reports the costs of the industrialized countries.

Number one in satisfaction is the United States.

Number one in the number of medical patents is the United States. If you take the actual number of medical patents from the rest of the top ten and add them together, they still only make up fifty-eight percent of the medical breakthroughs developed in the United States.

Scary information HERE. It's a PDF, folks.

Now that you actually know the TRUTH, do you still want to reduce our medical superiority to the level of the other countries? But the real question is, "Do other countries want us to reduce the quality of our medical care?" I would think not because THEIR lives depend on us.

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arevolutionofone said...

First the report is of medical patents filed in the US. I'd have to ask first if those countries have their own patent boards where some medical patents might be filed? It would only make sense that more medical patents would be filed in the US by US companies.

Second, the US is just a bigger country than all the other countries being compared. If you look at the size of Japan, and compared it in any meaningful way, by number of research institutions, or per capita, or whatever way you want to choose that makes sense, they're kicking our ass. Way out performing us.

Finally, number of patents filed says nothing about quality of medical technology produced from the patents.