Saturday, March 01, 2008

Universal Healthcare - Michael Moore Style

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, I have willingly thrown myself under the bus for y'all and watched a movie that y'all refuse to watch. Lemme tell ya' 'bout it.

Sicko is 100% propaganda with absolutely NOTHING other than personal anecdotes regarding healthcare. There are very few lines that are delivered as facts and every single one that I recorded was rebutted with a eight minute search on, you guessed it, Wikipedia, THE propaganda vehicle of the Left. Even they completely discredit every fact that Moore attempts to sell.

He does point out that Hillary Clinton received the second most bribes from the drug companies, so he has that going for him. But, that is the only Lefty he throws in the fire. Oh, I didn't even check the money thing to Congressmen, we all know they are crooks or we should.

I took seven pages of notes of supposed facts that turned out to be mostly un-researchable. This movie should not even be heralded by even the far left because there is not one "fact" about any of these medical cases that can be verified.

There is never one single mention at all about the costs of medical care in any of the countries that have universal healthcare except for how much the citizens pay at the doctor's office and the hospitals. It seems that there should be because he talks about taxes in his narrative voice but NEVER asks the questions of any single person that he interviews. Never once does he ask.

Every single case in this movie that is shown as being bad is in our country, and every single case in another country is shown as being good. Absolutely no objectivism at all. I realize that he is trying to make a point, but do you really have to skew the opinion so badly as to make it laughable?

Anyone that tells you to watch Sicko for anything other than entertainment is a blithering moron. And the entertainment value ranks right up there with Brokeback.

Now, the ONLY redeeming quality of this entire trainwreck occurred at 1:57:17 by my timer. Cuban firefighters met the 9-11 rescuers that Moore absconded with to Cuba. This scene was obviously staged for maximum effect, but IF those were real Cuban firefighters, they appeared sincere. Yay! All Cubans do not suck!

But he turns right around and spits out the words that Cubans have a longer life expectancy than United States citizens. Phuk mi rn'n, 77.5 is greater than 65.7, almost twelve full years greater. Guess which is which? Why would Moore even try this, does he know that the people that actually believe his stuff are too stupid to look that up?

Avoid Michael Moore movies like the plague, they are terrible and again he lies about being from Flint. Please tell me why he would keep lying about THAT? It's silly.

I almost forgot, even Michael Moore says that we treat the prisoners at Guantanamo better than we treat our own citizens.

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Skunkfeathers said...

I had a blogging friend who once wrote "Michael Moore is the conscience of America". My response: "If Michael Moore is the conscience of America, then our ERs should be overrun with concussions and head injuries, caused by people blindly and stupidly walking into crap after a MM brainwashing".

As with AlGore and the global warming scam, Michael Moore is an anti-American leftist scam, fraud and hypocrite. Or should that be hippo-crite? Yeah, that's a cheap shot...but he who takes so many, should not expect to be immune from return fire.

Thanks for taking it on the chin for us by watching the mockumentary; I won't spend a penny that goes to that fat, leftist slob.

Arcticman Speaks! said...

The entertainment value ranks right up there with Brokeback. Hmmmmm.....

It's very quit here at the Jail today, and I'd love to read your review of that one.

Paul Mitchell said...

Sure, Arcticman, that's why you want to read my reivew. Planning your movie watching for the week, huh?

Here ya' go.

Arcticman Speaks! said...

Thanks! I'd heard that it was boring. It doesn't matter though, because I'll never see it. If I'm going to go through all the trouble to take a bath, dress in my best skins, harness up the dogs and mush the distance, then I don't want man sex or boring.I want danger and lots of it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Not a prob, Arcticman, I willingly take on the tasks that no one else will, just for the team, man, just for the team.

arevolutionofone said...

Two Dogs, the only fact you refuted out of your 7 pages of notes you left out of your post was this one, answered below.

From the Sicko Truth Squad,

SiCKO: Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate and a longer average lifespan than the United States.

* The 2006 United Nations Human Development Report's human development index states the life expectancy in the United States is 77.5, and is 77.6 in Cuba. Human Development Report 2006, United Nations Development Programme, 2006 at 283.

* According to the United Nations Statistics Division, Population and Vital Statistics Report, the rate of infant deaths per thousand in Cuba is 6.2 per thousand, and in the United States is 6.8. "Table 3, Live births, deaths, and infant deaths, latest available year, June 15, 2007."

Other evidence is presented anecdotally in order for us to see the real impact of our health care system on real people. Otherwise it would just be the endless presentation of statistical facts, which would not make a very interesting documentary would it?

Funny you mentioned nothing about the doctor who testified before congress about how she was encouraged and rewarded, like hundreds of doctors are who work for the insurance companies, to deny health claims that should be granted. And the people who are denied the money for treatment die because of it. But then, the deaths of those specific human beings is only anecdotal and hence inconsequential.

But from the comments here I am being enlightened and now understand that Michael Moore is wrong because he's fat (but what does that mean for Rush Limbaugh?), and leftist (I guess you have to be both to be wrong).

Is this supposed to be a parody of people like Rush, Lou Dobbs, Billo and the like? Present little evidence and half fact between invective and angry ranting? Is that what's going on here?

Paul Mitchell said...

You used Moore's own website to back up his claims? I stated in my post, I just went to Wikipedia, any moron that thinks Cuba has a longer life expectancy than the United States, probably thinks their per capita income is greater, too.

Come on, man, you appeared to be better than that and then to use the UN?

I tried fifty different spellings for Dr. Linda Penoit (my assumption) and couldn't find a damn thing regarding her on the entire webby thing. She was not convincing to me, she looked like she was trying to stay out of jail.

Most of these folks were completely unbelievable, Becky Welky the insurance refuser was probably the worst.

Tarsha Harris, the woman that got sued after the fact, with the yeast infection, was fullllll of shit.

Lee Iner, the insurance "hitman" was unbelievable as well, the guy looked like an actor, no, a professor from an Ivy League school.

Julie Pierce, the woman that lost her husband to liver cancer was believable, but something wasn't right about that.

Enough from my notes? How about the 1962 recording of Reagan on socialized medicine, the Nixon tapes approving HMO healthcare, Tommy Douglas being the father of Canada's healthcare system, Adrian Campbell having cervical cancer and going to Canada, Glen Hollinger the doctor reading his denials, first thing, Adam sewing his own knee up, Larry and Donna Smith from Denver moving in with their daughter, and her husband going to Iraq to work, Frank, 79 working in a grocery to pay for medicine, the subliminal flash of Newt Gingrich, calling out Dick Armey, Haley Barbour, and Bob Dole, the "marshmellow peeps", damn, how much more do you want. Propaganda, plain and simple and you know it, you just ignore it.

I found "fat" mentioned one time in the comments here, I did not mention it, and can say this, Moore has gained a million pounds since he made this movie.

Rev, you simply must recognize that movie for what it was, a boring movie. There is a post above this one that goes even further to discredit the "content" in Sicko. Now, do not get me started on Rogerr and Me, I might not be able to stop myself.

arevolutionofone said...

Because you have difference sources than mine for life expectancy doesn't make yours right and mine wrong. You give no reasons to invalidate my sources. But even if we use your source,, the difference in life expectancy is just over a year. Not bad for a communist island nation against a modern industrialized 1st world nation. More importantly take a look at these stats about what we spend on health care vs. Cuba. They have the lowest cost per year of life,

The doctor you couldn't find from the documentary with all your exhaustive research is Linda Peeno, M.D. Google her, she's out there.

As for the rest, you present no evidence save for your feeling that they are all lying. I'm afraid that's not enough of a reason for me to doubt them. Do you really think if all these people didn't exist or were lying that the MSM would have been all over Moore like a cheap suit.

He's a big man with a huge target on his back. There's no way he'd have gotten away with faking an entire, Oscar nominated documentary. To suggest so is absolutely and thoroughly ridiculous. If you want me to take you seriously, you'll have to do better than that. Honestly.

Paul Mitchell said...

Rev, Al Gore won one and a Nobel, that is no argument. Monsters Ball won an Oscar. Moore got away with nothing, because the Academy Awards is "The Price is Right" for movies. I really had no idea that Sicko won anything. I guess that I did not realize that our awards people do not have to watch something to nominate it for a particular award. Sicko could win the award for "Most Flagrantly America Hating Tripe Ever Produced" though. I would suggest Underworld Evolution for the best chest on a female, though. That Brit girl is hot and I am not a big fan of the Brits.

Moore presents no reason to believe any of the people in this movie, they are all paid advertisers for Moore. And I forgot about his "admission" at the end about him paying for the blogger's wife's medical treatment, too. If that wasn't the biggest self-congratulatory thing that I have ever seen.

I will check the good doctor out. I guess that you and I will have to agree to disagree on Moore's legitimacy, though. I saw "Roger and Me" and searched for the truth about your boy, Moore, afterwards. He is NOT who he says that he is.