Thursday, April 17, 2008

Age is a Race!

As many posts as I have penned about how dumb and incompetent that Senator Barack Obama (Dumbass-Il) is, you would think someone that was going to accuse me of racism would have done it on any other post. Well, at least one other than THIS. This post was solely about Obama's age in relation to the other Presidents, no other topic at all.

It was not about how stupid he is, not about his racist or terrorist friends, not about his America hating wife, not about his lying and underhanded business deals, not about his beliefs and desires to turn to fascism, it was not about his ridiculous "healthcare" plan, nor his attempts to soak the working people, not about his dismantling of the military, nor even about his being half-white.

It was about his age. So, from the comment found at the link above, I have to assume that age has now become a race.

From: Anonymous

Why are racist trying to belittle Senator Obama. Not jelous are you.

Maintaining the mediocrity for over 1000 posts.

Note: I planned on giving away a trip to anywhere on the planet for someone that noticed that I had finally posted 1000 times. No one did, que sera.