Thursday, April 17, 2008

Undeniable Truth - For Morons and Democrats

Redundancy, even.

Last night's meatsicle love fest proved two undeniable truths. One, Obama can't understand economics and two, Hillary has no idea what happens in the military.

Let's address number two first, because it is the easiest. Being in the military is a job and a damn good one. But, there are times when you do not have a lunch break and there times when you sit around and play Brady Quinn Hand Party for a while. Still the time evens out where you are not killing terrorists more often than you are. Sad, but true. I know that most of you military types just want to do your job, and I cannot blame you.

In the debate last night, Hillary said she was shocked when she found out that most injuries were NON-BATTLE related. This one simple statement disqualifies her to ever hold any office that has any direct influence over our military men and women. Sorry, she cannot be President if she didn't understand that fact by the time that she was eighteen. That means that she cannot understand very basic probability calcs.

On to number one. It's blown up over the interbloggyweb today that Barry Obama doesn't understand the very simple idea of capital gains. Well, in his defense, he IS a blithering moron, but damn, that is telling. (April 17, 2008, Two Dogs DEFENDS Barry Obama!) Please try to ignore that you are about to be listening and watching two morons that have a combined IQ of (WOW!) approaching that of a welfare arm-baby born to a sixteen year old mother. This is absolute proof of the need for birth control. Ann Dunham should have sealed up that love purse and Hugh Rodham should have stuck his woo-dilly in a car door. (there are ten parts to this, so if you are a masochist, double click the video to go to the You Tube page to watch all of them. I refuse, sorry.

I am not even going to attempt to explain capital gains, I am going to explain a more important point about government and taxation. Government is a necessary evil, taxation is not. I will make some very bold assumptions here and see if you agree.

Number one: Government does not sell t-shirts and produce any profit. Every single penny of money that government spends, must first be taken from someone who earned that money. Also, when the government taxes that money from the individual, it is removed from the economy until it is REDISTRIBUTED to another area. Usually to an area that does nothing to increase to the realm of taxpaying jobs. Um, like them crack-pills, crystal meth drinks, them pot cigarettes and, well, you get the picture.......

Number two: No government spending does anything in any way to improve the economy, there is, AT BEST, a zero sum gain.

Remember, government did not produce that wealth and there is not a finite amount of said wealth. You simply must come to understand that there are other factors to the economy besides the number of dollar bills in circulation. Wealth can take many forms other than a dollar bill, yo.

Number three: If the Fed would abolish all taxes totally and move to a system of requests to the American people for financing of government expenditures, we would quickly see what the working American truly supports as far as government programs. Congressmen would be forced to beg for financing of their pet programs.

"Hey, all y'all Ni.., um, citizens, we needs another bridge to nowhere named after me, Senator Robert Byrd! Send in your monay!!!11!"

Instead, the system that we currently operate under allows the same voting power to someone that doesn't work and to the person that slaves daily to earn their salary and winds up losing half of that salary to someone else. Fair? Who gives a shit? It is unjust and immoral to offer the same power to someone that profits from voting for a fascist/socialist government douchebag as to someone that provides for their very own needs.

Number four: There are certainly tasks that should be performed by the Fed. In my opinion, those should be border security, a standing military, and public safety or law enforcement, whichever. See a common theme in those? Yes, protecting our country and its citizens. And yes, those cost money. A fraction of what we currently spend on our Federal Government, but it takes money just the same.

Number five: I have absolute faith in the population of this country to privately, and by choice, provide the necessary funds to supply these very minimal needs.

Question one: If my plan is followed, what do you think that the economy would do? Do you think that it would absolutely explode? I do.

Question two: If my plan is followed, do you think that all of the sudden people would drop dead from starvation and lack of housing? Do you think for one second that those in need would not be provided for by those that could and would help by choice? I do.

Question three: Do you think that our military would simply dry up from lack of funds? Don't you think that the overwhelming majority of Americans want our military to be the best equipped and trained fighting force in the world and would willingly pay for that privilege? I do.

Question four: If you think that this is an absolutely wonderful idea, don't you think that writing my name on the general election ballot is a good idea? Oh yes you do.

If you don't want to do that for me, at least you could do it so you could take your family to Tahiti Village. Vegas is calling.......

It must suck to be Obama. Cork on a fork.