Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And Here's the News

I just heard on ABC news that the new housing market is at the lowest level in HISTORY. This was not a statement coming from a 9-11 Troofer, this was ABC news. Lemme see if I can remember the statement verbatim.

"The new housing market has reached the lowest level in history."

Let's examine that. Well, I have no idea what exactly they are saying, so I'll try to make the statement make sense.

Let's say that this statement means that fewer houses are being built than at any time in our country's history. Uh, I think that we can all agree that is NOT true. We now have 300 million people here, there must simply be at least five thousand times more houses being built now than at the start of the country, that is simple math.

Then let's examine the idea that this statement must mean that by percentage of our population, fewer houses are being built. Well that depression in the thirties kinda knocked the bottom out of everything. I think that we can all agree that the economy is much more robust than at that time. Hell, I remember the Jimmy Carter era when there were actually NO houses being built, are they trying to tell me that we are worse off than we were then?

I am in the construction field and I can tell you that there are no workers to be found that are unemployed. Idle house framers are non-existent, so I guess that they are working on something. I cannot find someone to swing a hammer and NO they are not all on the coast, the new housing starts in Central Mississippi are going quite nicely. And do not even get me started on the North part of our state.

Please remember, there is NOT a mortgage crunch in my mind. When only four percent of hisk risk borrowers are in default and their homes being foreclosed, this is simply not a crisis. People overextended themselves because of a lone fact: They do not understand money or finance because that knowledge is no longer taught in our nation's schools. Our schools have deteriorated to the point that all our kids learn are how to wage mad, passionate homosexual love and make nicey-nice with Muslims.

True statement: I actually have a friend that is 32 years old that went to trade in her car for a newer one, thinking that the old one was paid off. She had no idea that since she was no longer making payments that her car, A LEASE!, was supposed to be returned or purchased from the dealership. I swear that this is true and I know that you are sitting there going, "There is no one that is that stupid." Alas, it is a fact.

I got no more suggestions, because numbers can only perform in the way that we set them up and I have no other ideas on what they are actually stating. Oh, but it does have a nice death nail feel about it. The economy is terrible, so we must elect a President that advocates "change." Wonder who they suggest?

People, this is exactly why I no longer rely on the networks to give me my information. They lie for reasons unknown.

Intelligent people agree with me. HERE.

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