Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Brief Comparison

This past week Mariah somebody passed Elvis on the list of number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. This unknown person is now second on that very list to only the Beatles. What does this mean? Not one damn thing.

A comparison of even the Beatles to Elvis Presley is ridiculous and I do not even own ONE Elvis album, record, disc, or mp3. The phenomenon of Elvis was never about just the music or performances, it was about perserverance, continued ambition, and eventual success. Elvis showed the possibilities of moving from the poor low class to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry or any industry for that matter.

Elvis was not only a very good vocalist but also a person that brought out the very best in everyone that saw his shows. Watch a video of his live performances and look at the crowds. Look at their faces, watch their smiles and tears. The people in the crowds are not screaming children or morons trying to be seen, they are real people that have suspended reality for a brief moment to observe the impossible. They are Americans that looked to this boy from the deep South that grew into a man that loved his country, slaved for his fans, and worked behind the scenes to promote things that were good in everyone.

Watch a video of Elvis, the greatest performer ever in the history of the world, accept an award or a gift from a Girl Scout and see how genuine this man was. Listen to the interviews of people that had been with him from the very start and their pain at watching him die. Watch the video of his ex-wife at the concert given thirty years after his death and see what this man meant to her, a woman that could no longer stand to be married to him. Divorces are NEVER civil, but something stayed with her for thirty years. Thirty years folks.

Yeah, he stumbled at the end, but that made him more of an icon, not less. There is nothing that you can take away from the hugeness of Elvis and that statement comes from someone that is not a big Elvis fan, but a fan of achievement. And achieve, he did.

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