Saturday, April 05, 2008

Democrats are passing out your PRIVATE Information

I have unsubscribed seven times from Barry Obama's e-mail list but still they persist in e-mailing me. I made the mistake of actually asking a question in e-mail form on the "contact/info" e-mail address on Barry's site. Since that time, I have now received 234 e-mails (in less than two months) from the Barry Obama campaign, not one single e-mail of which has ever answered my very simple question regarding healthcare funding. Every single e-mail they have sent me has told me exactly not one damn thing about any of Barry's plans or policies, they have simply been requests for money and donations of my time.

The e-mails are all about hopey-change or changey-hope, whatever.

This morning, I received yet another e-mail from David Plouffe of Barry's campaign asking me to call twenty Indiana primary voters and this e-mail included the people's names, addresses, and telephone numbers. There are twenty people on this list that have registered as Democrats in Indiana and I now know all that I need to know about these people to steal their identity and ruin them for life.

Please, even if you are stupid enough to be a Democrat, do not be stupid enough to give out your personal information to an info line on the webbynet. Most definitely do not give that information to KNOWN criminals such as Barry Obama or Hillary Clinton either for that matter. I mean you are already a moron if you are a registered Democrat, but please try not to be suicidal.

Take a moment to think about who exactly is working for the Obama campaign before you make the decision to actually give your personal information to them. Barry is a DEMOCRAT FROM CHICAGO. The very same Chicago that has always had the highest percentage of illegal DEMOCRAT activity and fraud going on for years and years and years. Take a quick glance at the political group from which Barry hails. Three of the last seven governors of Illinois have gone to damn jail, you idiots.

Please take the time to dig your head from your backside, you morons, before you lose all of your money.