Monday, April 14, 2008

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Sports, because of the importance......

Since we know that ALL sportscasters are blithering morons, in the next few days we will be hearing how Tiger Woods is in a slump because he did not blow out the field at the Masters. Let me be first to join the fray.


Read the sports rags, you'll see these very questions this week. The truth is that Woods has WON three of the five tournaments that he has played, came in fifth in one, and second in The Masters. And has won 4.4 million dollars in five weeks. Yeah, he sucks. And so do the folks that WILL question whether or not he is finished, while he still maintains the NUMBER ONE RANKING IN THE WORLD. Morons.

Slavery, Yet Again......

And we have THIS from Stop the ACLU. Anyone who has ever read my blog can attest to the fact that I have been continually pointing out that the Democrat Party has always been and always be the party of racism and hate. In an ideal world, Democrats would all be in jail for crimes against humanity, but since there are people that still hate, there will always be a Democrat Party.

I am not going to go off on a rant about this, but dammit, I should. Until the point comes when people realize that the very platforms that Democrats run on KILL the weak people, we will continue to KILL the weak people. Let's just delve into that philosophy for a few bars, shall we?

Two Dogs Open Letter to the Democrat Party

To the Party of the Blithering Wetbrains that fail at Individual Responsibility:

Your chosen candidates are morons and their very philosophy shall bring about the downfall of the greatest country in the history of the world.

I do not know how there can be differences with the perception of a problem, but obviously there is. I do however understand how there can be differences in the opinions of what the problem actually is and the subsequent solutions. Some people think government can supply the solution to any problem and that very wrong-headed notion exacerbates that problem every single time. You cannot come up with ONE federal program that has accomplished anything, I guarantee it. Furthermore, people that think that a President proposes legislation are simply not informed to the separation of powers. Only Congress can pen bills. The President is responsible for signing or vetoing legislation proposed, debated and passed by the Congress. They DO NOT appropriate a single dime towards any single program. A Presidential candidate that says he has a plan for universal healthcare, while ignoring the further degradation of the economy and freedom that that very idea institutes, fails to understand that he is running for President, not Senator or Representative. Our population fails to recognize that as well, because they are educated in schools that indoctrinate children with the idea that government is the solution to everything. That is either socialism or fascism depending on the methods used. Plus, those very people are by definition, people that want to be led. They surrender their lives and their wills to other men. I ain't one of those people.

Let's actually talk about medical services, IF Obama COULD actually do something about it as President.

I think that we can also agree that government subsidized healthcare has been a collosal failure whereever it has been tried. Great Britain, Canada, Cuba, whereever, their access and their standard of living has been diminished simply by implementation of the plan. And also, their freedoms are removed. Saying that the problem is access and availability to medical care and then using a model that limits that access even further is stupid. What people are actually wanting is a reduced cost for medical care, it is simply about the cost, the money, that is the PROBLEM, don't you agree? Address the problem by reducing costs. You reduce costs by INCREASING supply or DECREASING demand, those are the ONLY two ways without further scientific breakthroughs that accomplish either/or. Since progress in science cannot be scheduled, we must deal with the other ways. Let's hold that thought for one second.

A vote for Obama is a vote, simply, completely and totally, for oppression. By definition, that is what you are asking for when you vote for him. I know that you probably do not see it that way and I do see easily that what you want is the success of everyone, but we can not simply write a bill and legislate success for anyone. I know that for me, self-discovery and learning is what works, so let me offer this example for the further implications for any type of governmental intrusion. The Federal School Lunch Program. This program has not only allowed the Fed to get involved in education (and created a Cabinet Level Position in 1979 by none other than the worst US President in history, Jimmy Carter) which is expressly prohibited by the Constitution, but it also has forced the States to surrender power over education to the Fed. Now, not quite thirty years into the program, we have a Federal Department of Eucation, with over 5,000 employees, NONE of which teach kids or actually deal with education of those kids, and a 2008 Fiscal Year Budget of $67,000,000,000.00 (billion, by the way), that dictates the actual curriculum in our "State run" schools. Don't believe they DICTATE the curriculum, "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND." Check it, if you approach your research with no preconceived notions, you simply must be compelled to agree. Here's the budget. All numbers are in thousands of, so to each number, you must add four zeros to the end of it. This is public information, but they are numbers that you never, ever hear on television or radio. And as with ALL government programs, this will never, never decrease ever.

Just so you know, in 2005, there were 84 million kids in public school. 5000 employees needed, to NOT serve any capacity to these kids, those employees just deal with the day to day bureacracy of government, that is what federal employees do. With medical services, which is what everyone means by the vague "healthcare," there would be 300 million people served. Using the percentages from education, you would need minimally, 18,000 Federal employees to do the same task for medical services. My assumption is that it would require five times that many employees, but I am using a KNOWN percentage from Education Department. Remember, the Fed folks would not check your spleen or anything else regarding your medical needs. Also, by Federal Building Code, you would need 34,000,000 (million) square feet of office space to house these 18,000 employees, not to mention the additional computers, desks, chairs, blah. By today's construction costs, you, by law, are mandated by the codes to spend 8.7 BILLION dollars just to give these people somewhere to work, but that doesn't include the furniture, paper, pens, paper clips, the list is completely endless. Then you factor in the salaries of 18,000 Federal Employees at an average of 57,000.00 a year, which is median income for Feds, that adds an additional billion to the total and not one single MRI has been done with that ten billion dollars. Ten BILLION dollars for not one single procedure and not one single thing that diminishes the cost of the targeted product. Do you see? You must.

What I am saying basically since I have already typed ten thousand words that are probably uninteresting to you, is this. Every single time government gets involved with anything, they spend ten times what it would cost to handle the problem yourself. And they spend someone's money to buy votes, that is what their promises are, alms to the poor and bribes to the rich. I want to spend my own money instead, money that I have worked for and earned by my intelligence, my competance, and my labor, it is mine. I would like to have the freedom from oppression that our founding fathers fought and died for. That is my philosophy and it was their's as well.

I do not want you to think in any capacity that I am trying to preach my way of thinking or my philosophy, I like to correspond with folks no matter their opinions and record setting stupidity. In my opinion, your party seems to be guided by emotions rather than rational thought. Emotions are great things, but intelligence and rationale are exceedingly more important. Try to approach life and philosophy with thought rather than "head in ass" disease, please.

Love ya, mean it,
Two Dogs