Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Talk About Art

I actually have about thirty photos that I would like to add to this post, but looking at them, I think that they distract from the content. So, let's try this one without the visual aids. Please click the links embedded here, they are somewhat vital to the nature of the post. Just like they always are, yo.

This week, there have been two major stories out displaying what has come to be known as art in our colleges. One contained numerous United States flags laid on the floor of a hallway, and the other was supposedly a monster impregnating herself and inducing abortions, then subsequently using that aborted gore as her media.

The flag piece was supposedly about "fostering dialogue," whatever the Hell that means, and the abortion monster's work, who knows? Maybe, Pro-Abortion nonsense, anti-man lunacy, really, I have no clue what kind of demented person would even fake this type of offensive crap. Yes, it was fake, anyone that read how she supposedly produced this knew it was a lie.

Folks, call this what it is. Disgustingly abhorrent and bordering on criminal. This is no more art than Piss-Christ, yet we continue to allow these types of monsters to display their "work" and just go about our business and never give one thought to it after the first stomach turning discovery. Who is more vile, the person that creates this tripe, or the person, that supposedly has morals, and still ignores that grave disrespect?

Personally, I think that it is the person that ignores it. The person that created this crap has already exhibited the lack of any type of rational thought or adherence to any morality.

Understand that we have a fight on our hands between those of us that have simply led our lives and left others to their own devices, and those that simply F-E-E-L that they are the enlightened few that must educate us inbreeders. We can fight them on their own terms, which we would win, or we can fight them with the proper morals that we understand and follow. But, fight them we must.

I must say that the first way to start this combat that even popped into my head was to engage them in the only way that they understand, ridiculous bullshit that no one with a proper functioning brain can understand. First Amendment expression.

My first performance piece would require that I gain access to the Redwood Forests of California and proceed to dump DDT and Roundup all over that very ground. I would call the piece "Man is Blatantly Evil and Must be Eradicated from Earth." They couldn't deny my First Amendment rights to self-expression could they? Why Hell no, then they would become the champions of oppression and would be protecting the RELIGIOSITY of the Earth. Since those very forests are government property, then they simply must be removed from the debate in the separation of church and state. "Earthism" being a religion, you know.

But, again I say, we must join the battle or it shall be lost. Do something, folks, do it now.

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