Friday, April 18, 2008

Steve McNair Retires

Yes, it is a dark day for Mississippians again. One of our own has retired. (Brett Favre? Who?)

The cover shown is the ONLY D-II player ever in the history of the mag to be published on the cover. (It's a bad shot, but that is the best that I can do because I stole this from SI.) Anyhoo, SI writers are so damn stupid that they do not know that D-II players are not eligible for the Heisman. The Heisman is a D-IA award. (Yes, I know that the division is called The Bowl Championship Hand Party now.)

Here's my story about McNair. I have never met him, but I actually worked on a few renovation projects at Alcorn. One was the renovation of the men's dormitory, W.S. Demby Tower. The Resident Assistant's apartment was unoccupied at the time of our initial survey and we walked through the area to make notes on the required work. This apartment was a two bedroom, two bath apartment covered in rat poo and debris from the lack of use and utter neglect. You know, the typical neglect always allowed by any government official. Neglect is the only task at which the government is competent.

Against the wall was a trophy case filled to brimming with awards and proof of achievement of one person, Steve McNair. Also, completely exposed to the elements, because of roof leaks and again neglect, was a copy of this Sports Illustrated issue with a personal note from Steve McNair on the cover.

My boss at the time, rot his soul, would not let me take the mag. I was later told that the workers simply threw it in the trash because it had gotten wet.

Another little known tidbit is that McNair was born with a problem with his sternum. While performing the tasks required of a professional athlete, he actually had surgery performed to wire his ribcage together and still played football.

Steve McNair, you sir, are a real man. And as a proud Mississippian, I thank you for representing our state admirably.

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