Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Wrights that Hate America

In our daily rag today, there was an article about naming highways and roadside parks after individuals. One such site was to be named after Richard Wright, the communist/racist from Adams County. The fact that there is even someone that considers Wright to be an American, much less a Mississippian, turns my stomach. And to add insult to injury, seven Black Democrats authored and sponsored this bill.

Consistently, I am dumbfounded why any legislator, much less a Black one, would continue to support Communism or any kind of hatred toward this country, which is exactly what you are doing by celebrating Richard Wright. Remember, of all the countries on this planet, the United States of America has the highest standard of living and the greatest opportunity for people of all races.

This SHIT has got to stop, folks. Why should anyone consider Wright to be anything but a traitor to the country of his birth? Do these people even know anything about Richard Wright? Prolly not, they are legislators, so that means that they are pretty damn stupid.

What, you don't know anything about Wright, yourself? HERE, educate yourself. That's my review of "Black Boy," a racist screed by Wright where he talks about how much he hates our state and country.

Or try HERE, the Wikipedia page that goes into great detail on how much he hated this country.

Dammit, these things piss me off.


Anonymous said...

"...greatest opportunity for people of all races." That is true now, but in the ole days that wasn't entirely true especially for places like Mississippi.

Cut this guy some slack. Put yourself in his shoes, a black man in that time in our history. The issues he had to deal with broke him emotionally, his "racism" is perfectly normal (given the human range of emotion and temperament) given his place in our society at the time. Not justifying his beliefs but any kind of frustration can bring out the darkside of human nature, and given the US social situation during his lifetime I can understand his reaction to it.

From that perspective communism would sound very promising. Whether you like him or not, he is a popular writer. The book Native Son immortalized him.

Should a highway be named after him, why not...who cares about a highway. You cannot judge a man from a different time, it you want to go down that road then there should be any dedications to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson because they had slaves.

Understand the whole person and put them in the social context that shaped them. You cannot judge people by a different standard then was used at the time. Bigoted beliefs now were considered ok/normal in the past...keep it all in perspective.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, then we must embrace the ideas of the Klan through that era as well. The amazing thing is that no one seems to realize that Wright ran in the same circles as Obama. Even lived in the same area that Obama worked after college.

That is where the connection is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I thought we were talking about Richard Wright, the writer.

For Rev Wright he lived through the systematic dismantling of state sanctioned bigotry and tolerance of bigotry. He has no excuse for his views, but Richard Wright lived in a different era...where this gov't mechanism was still in place. Keep in mind some people just can't get over the past, and never will.

Not excusing it just understanding how they can come about, you can understand why a person feels a certain way without embracing the ideas. I understand why some white people would join the Klan(I don't hate them, joining an organization like that is within the bounds of human nature...unfortunately), but that doesn't mean I feel that it was right to do so. The same goes for Richard Wright as well.

Understanding, not embracing or incorporating.