Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Captain Obvious Reports: Democrats are Stupid!

Yet again, all of the jabbering heads that want to scare everyone into hidey-holes were W-R-O-N-G. Shocking, huh?

The economy (that Hillary and Barry keep saying is the worst since every Democrat President was in office) is NOT in a recession, despite all of the attempts to crush American spirit with the doom and gloom screeching.

And despite all of the Democrat legislation detrimental to business passed since January 2007, they still can't kill the economy completely. they are certainly doing everything that they can, though. They must be stopped.


Define: recession. Two subsequent quarters of negative growth in the economy.

This quarter growth: 0.6%. NOT A RECESSION, BITCH!

Story HERE.

Punch a Democrat in the mouth for the good of the world.

UPDATE: HERE's the article mentioned in the comments. Just so you know, DAVID, The Clarion-Ledger is completely opposed to the inbloggernet, they hate us normal folks that have electricity and computers, so the page is S-L-O-W, dude.