Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And You Are Twelve in the Sixth Grade

From Tommy 5 comes the following news tip on the awesomeness of public school.

My first thought when reading this was: Okay, those are some really smart teachers to ask the children to determine the stupidity of other children. (/sarc)

My second thought when reading this was: Why is a personal opinion survey given in a science class?

My third thought when reading this was: Why has the little girl's daddy stopped kicking the shit out of a teacher long enough to give an interview?

My fourth thought when reading this was: Why would all the BLACK kids want to single out an honor roll student for getting pregnant?

My fifth thought when reading this was: Why do I care what the Hell is going on in this world anymore?

My sixth thought when reading this was: Where the Hell did all that JPSD bond money go that was passed overwhelmingly a couple of years ago? It was like 160 million smacks.

My seventh thought when reading this was: How many of these kids are on the free breakfast, lunch, and dinner program and how much does that cost me daily?

My eighth thought when reading this was: I wonder how long it will be before I change my mind completely on my opinion here?

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as how I just saw another broadcast on another teacher screwing another kid, it looks like it's either screw 'em or screw 'em up in the head.

Paul Mitchell said...

Swink, here's food for thought. Public school teachers molest children at a rate 12 times more than non-teachers. I'll see if I can find that little factoid again.

I found it when I was researching Catholic priests and molestation. Not to defend Catholic priests that are molesters, but priests molest at a fraction of the rate of non-priests. That research is on this blog somewhere. I'll post that link tonight here.

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