Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Sucking Up to Google

Google has made my life easier, but at what cost to my philosophical ideals? I would say that the cost was grave. Lemme explain.

I abhor any kind altruism. I do not owe anyone anything simply because they fail to thrive and I do. I try not to capitulate in any way, shape, form, or fashion to that basic premise. I apologize when I am wrong, but that is the right thing to do on moral grounds. Anyhoo, there is an obvious agreement with pretty much all people that it is right and proper to work toward peace, love, and harmony throughout the world. That idea is also patently insane, but it is accepted by virtually everyone.

Watch the Miss America Pageant, if every single one of those girls doesn't say something about "world peace," I will eat the entire world and enjoy doing it.

Another anyhoo, Google has a "doodle" contest going on where school children send in their "doodle" and vie for the placement of it as the Google start page.

Doodle 4 Google HERE. Jeeeeez, Google used the numeral "4" in lieu of the word "for." I absolutely hate Prince (or whatever the Hell his name is these days) for starting that idiotic trend.

Go check out every little asinine phrase at the bottom of each "doodle." Sadly, there is not one that just has the mp3 of Kumbaya attached. I bet these kids even sent their doodles in on recycled hemp paper.

Please take the time to teach your kids not to be morons.