Friday, May 09, 2008

Barry Knows This Country

You can look back about two years and I posted on how sandpoundingly stupid Obama actually is. A commenter then said that he sounded like Democrat Presidential material and everyone had a good laugh. I am not laughing now.

How many states are there, Barry?

And I'm glad that Barry finally got that bucket off of his head. It was stuck on there for almost two weeks. He must have gotten one of his Hamas advisors to IED it off of his head. (In case you are wondering, YES, Barry had to cut ties to one of his Middle East advisors today because the advisor, Robert Malley, was talking with Hamas. You see, Barry Obama hates the United States, so he is trying to organize terrorist activities with Hamas.)

Please take the time to think about voting for McCain. He can find the United States on a map and he doesn't hate it.

UPDATE: It took all of one minute for someone to e-mail me and tell me that I was lying about posting about Barry before he started running for President. I said that I posted two years ago about him, I was wrong, it was in October of 2005. Two years and seven months ago. I apologize for the error. I am not a Democrat and I do not have those lying character traits, sorry tool. Original post HERE.