Saturday, May 10, 2008

Since Barry Has Sealed the Victory (or not)

Here we go with another five-minute-graphic production.

Since Barry has obviously sealed the nomination for Head-Moron of the Morons, we simply must assume that we will start hearing more about the purposefully vague, "Healthcare." Shown with the Cyan colored pie wedge, we see forty-five percent (45%), this represents the total percentage of citizens currently covered by government subsidized "healthcare." Shown with the pthalogreen colored pie wedge, we see forty-eight percent (48%), this represents the total percentage of citizens that provide their very own "healthcare." And finally shown with the purple colored pie wedge, we see seven percent (7%), the total percentage of citizens that do not have any "paid-for" medical coverage of any kind. (Purple denotes royalty, which obviously, these seven percent of citizens are, because they flog us normal people and take our money. Please understand that the 45% are taking our money, too.)

Know this, the very rich have no need for medical insurance of any kind because they can afford to pay the costs of medical care, when needed, out of pocket. Some have insurance anyway, but others are included in the seven percent. So, the actual number of folks that cannot or will not provide for their own upkeep is less than seven percent.

What the idiots in this country are proposing is a massive federal program, where every single citizen will be forced into participation, for the sole purpose of providing "healthcare" for less than seven percent of the total population. How much friggin' sense does this make? Also understand that this program WILL NOT actually bring costs down, it will jack cost up just like it did in France, from 5% of total income to 13% of total income. Yes, France, the only country that I can find stats for actually realized an increase in medical costs of 8% when they went to a universal plan. A plan that also doesn't cover everyone, it's like 75%. I am not going bakc to find that figure, it makes me mad.

I have yet another idea to provide FREE "healthcare" for these folks. Let the 535 Congressman, their staff (usually in excess of 45 for each Congressman), all the Federal employees (currently about 12 million, over half the number of the uninsured), the Executive Branch of Federal government, and their huge numbers of staff people, and finally the Judicial Branch and their huge number of staff folks, provide the money for the less than seven percent of people that refuse to take control of their own lives. Take up a damn collection, I just know that y'all can take care of that cost if it is so damn important to y'all. Because it certainly isn't important to me.

If it is so damn important for the Federal government to get "healthcare" for these less than seven percent of the population, then let the Federal government get it with money already in the pockets of people that reap the benefits of being involved in the Federal government.

Or, here's another idea. Take the money that I have already paid into Social "Security," which is over 287k at the time of this publishing, according to the statement that I received last week, and buy some Health Insurance for some folks. Since I currently pay ONLY $1044.00 dollars a year for my medical coverage, that money that I am offering will pay for the medical coverage of minimally 275 people for one year, bitch! (Sidebar: you have to let me out of the FICA program in return. You got 287k, isn't that enough? I am willingly surrendering that money for the freedom of getting out of the program, I'll sign a waiver saying that, too!)

Get on the Two Dogs "Healthcare" Bandwagon, now!