Friday, May 23, 2008

Good, Conservative Democrats*

Today, in my local dog trainer, there are articles written by State Representative Greg Snowden of District 83 (Clarke and Lauderdale Counties) and Representative John Mayo of Clarksdale.

Snowden's article HERE. Rep. Snowden addresses the fact that the Democrats came to Jackson for a special session and departed before even doing the work that was assigned to them. One intelligent Legislator attached an amendment dealing with Voter ID to a bill to pay for the Special Session. A really stupid legislator voted to table that amendment and a vote was held. The vote DID table the amendment.

Rep. John Mayo posted THIS in response to Rep. Snowden's article.

Rep. Mayo's whole article is posted at the above link at the Clarion Ledger's website and I am posting it verbatim here:

My colleague contends that voting against an amendment concerning Voter ID to the bill to pay for the session was voting against VOTER ID... Horse Hockey!

Uh, okay. Voting against Voter ID is NOT voting against Voter ID, according to State Representative John Mayo of Clarksdale.

Fourteen out of ten morons agree, Rep. John Mayo is one of them.

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*It's a joke, there is no such thing.