Friday, May 23, 2008

Congressman Two Dogs Goes to a Committee Meeting

"Gentlemen, please be aware that my 'esteemed colleague, Congressmoron Waters' and all of the blithering dumbasses that have ever voted for her, possess the intelligence of a bag of sand with a tear in it, however this IS the United States of America and they must grudgingly be allowed to participate in the political process even if they are retarded. Her handlers accidently took off the gag and straitjacket so she could eat this morning and failed to place them back on her. We do apologize."

"Security, please return Congressmoron Waters to the Congressional Space-Jump recreation area so she can exhibit the limits of her intelligence for the rest of the day."

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UPDATE: I had to watch that again and again. Are you STILL really for confiscating guns after an elected official in the majority party openly advocated NATIONALIZING the oil industry? Holy Christ! Help us all.