Friday, May 23, 2008

The Dumbass's Wife Said "Whitey?"

This is a preemptive post.

There is yet another explosion starting up on the web about a video that is going to show Michele Obama railing about "Whitey" from the pulpit of Trinity United Racist Church. I want to go on record as saying, "So?"

Those on the Right are forever amazed at the extent of the hatred shown for our country from the Party of the Morons. I am not. Why would supposedly intelligent people ever be amazed at the lunacy that comes from people that despise our country and hope our military folks get killed? Nothing that they ever do amazes me anymore. Remember Terri Shiavo? The Left went to the hospital and practically demanded her head on a stick. Remember the number of children aborted daily and the Left's fight to continue that trend? Remember Tookie Williams? The Left went to the prison and demanded that not only would he NOT be put to death, but screeched that he should be released from prison entirely. Remember the screeching about Abu Graib? Terrorists were forced to listen to loud rap music and subjected to low temperatures. Never mind the fact that those terrorists strolled into crowded markets and blew up women and children. The Left coughed up their collective skulls over the fact that we made those terrorists experience some cold temperatures.

Those on the Right fail to recognize even a partial trend in the demise of any sort of morality of those on the Left. The Leftists are blood-thirsty for revenge against anyone that has any morality remaining, simply because those very same Leftists have reached the point of no morality at all.

The Michele Obama video, if it does exist, will do nothing but further energize the base of the Party of the Morons. Why would anyone think otherwise?

In case you are wondering why I think the way that I do about the Party of the Morons, this is a photograph of the ONLY KKK member serving in the United States Congress. Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV) is also the holder of a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RATING FROM THE NAACP!

Please remember that the Civil Rights Movement was founded by Socialists. Of the six men that actually started the movement, five left the original movement because those founders that were not stupid saw the extent of the damage that their naive idealism had brought to those idiots that were following. The man that dreamed up the Freedom Rides, one of the main characters of The Great Debaters (please recall that the Left gets its history from Spike Lee, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, and others like them), and the very founder of CORE, turned his back on his own damn organization and joined with Richard Nixon's administration to attempt to undo his youthful mistakes, but you never learn about that little truth because it is damaging to the misconception about the movement and the Left's ideals.

Please try to remember that those morons on the Left are absolute idiots and have no damn clue what the Hell they are doing. Michele saying "Whitey" will be a good thing to them.

I hope that I am dreadfully wrong, but I don't think that I am.