Friday, May 16, 2008

I *F-E-E-L* This Need

It is certainly not a thought because I understand to try to speak sense to most people is a futile as trying to put socks on an octopus, but still I pound my melon again that barnacle encrusted hull. Here we go.

In the past two days, we have heard the mouth-breathers talking about the "Traditionally Republican" house seat in the First Congressional District in Mississippi. That statement is an out and out lie. District One has had exactly TWO Republican Congressmen in its history of existence. They served for a total of fifteen years. Roger Wicker, the latest and newest Mississippi Senator, served from January 1995 until December 31, 2007. The only other Republican Congressman from this area was George Harris who served from 1870-1873.

The District also had a Unionist that served from 1851-1853. All other Congressmen from the district have been Democrats. To say that this district is traditionally Republican is akin to saying that the world is flat or that Jeremiah Wright is not an unhinged, fire-breathing racist.

For the past two days, everyone in the major media markets have been screeching that this seat was a safe, safe, safe Republican stronghold and completely ignoring the truth. Everyone else simply parroted the lies that were dreamed up by someone that has no clue what they are talking about. Of course they will start saying that this seat is a traditionally CONSERVATIVE seat, after the "traditionally Republican" theory is shot to Hell, but I am about to prove that statement wrong as well, basing my argument on what Conservatism actually is by today's standards. Prepare to astounded yet again by my awesomeness.

Remember, "liberals" simply make stuff up and then fabricate incorrect information, repeated an infinite number of times and morons simply continue the repetition until it is accepted as fact, but it is never factual. For those on the Mouth-Breathing Left that cannot or will not simply look up information before allowing their gaping maws to flap, here's the skinny on the last Congressman in the First before Roger Wicker was swept in with the Freshman Class of 1994.

Democrat Jamie Whitten - Diehard Liberal, Racist, Sexist Democrat, just as they all are and always have been. He was also the LONGEST SERVING US REPRESENTATIVE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY!!! But, naw, ignore that little tidbit, First is a traditionally Republican seat, even though Whitten served from November 4, 1941 until January 3, 1995 and Wicker barely served twelve years. Just comparing the last two Congressmen, you see the stupidity of the argument from the Left.

Now, to address the "conservatism" comment before it is even made. Conservatism by today's definition means a restriction on the size and regulations of government, while still providing an unlimited budget for our armed forces. Whitten was diametrically opposed to both of those ideas or least he voted that way.

Whitten voted against every single tax-cut proposed by Ronald Reagan, Whitten voted against every single increase in defense spending, Whitten voted against every single abortion restiction, Whitten voted against every single welfare reform AFTER opposing every single Civil Rights bill ever introduced, Whitten voted against the First Persian Gulf War, Whitten voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1991, again while opposing every single one from the fifties and sixties. Whitten was vehemently anti-business and for higher taxes.

Since you can see that Whitten was always strictly a partyline voter, do you still think that there are any statements that can legitimately lead you to assume that First is a traditionally held Republican seat or one that would lean conservative?

Okay, then shut up.

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