Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's Talk for Reals, Yo

According to every major media outlet, the Republicans are doomed. What they fail to realize is, that for the most part, the Republicans have always been doomed. Are you trying to tell me that since the Republicans held the Congress for a whopping twelve years since Reconstruction and have lost it yet again, that intelligence is a thing of the past? Really? Then you are one of them. Don't read my blog anymore. You are my enemy and I shall fight you to the death.

You see, this country has always had the people that practiced fiscal and social responsibility in their own lives and then turned around and voted for people that guaranteed to steal the money of those that worked and provided for their own families, simply to give that money to people that practiced the exact opposite. Granted, it is really stupid to elect someone that completely contradicts your own ideals, but most people that are responsible know that their kind are few and far between and that all the dumb people would die without their help. I do not care if those dumb people die. I do not feel pity for them, ever. Sorry, I was not born with the pity gene.

As far back as the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the founders of this country knew that once people figured out that they could vote themselves money from other people, they would do just that. The founders were not stupid, they were just idealistic, much like every good person in the world, they trusted people to do the right thing. Good people just get up in the morning (or night) and go to work and do their damn job simply because that is what they are taught to do for their entire lives. You provide for the people that are important to you. Deadbeats, who ride those good people's backs, are taught the exact opposite. Those deadbeats will always exist, our country allows that and has started to reward it.

The reason that the Republicans swept the Congress back in 1994 was that they ran on a platform that was intelligent and everyone saw it. Their's was a platform of fiscal and social responsibility, but when they actually were elected, they immediately started backpeddling from those very premises. They were no different than the Party of the Morons and Deadbeats in practice. The Republicans also could have put the death nail in the coffin of the Democrats shortly thereafter, but they, instead of nominating a diehard Conservative for President, nominated a nice guy, a war hero, and a policy wonk in Bob Dole. That nice guy lost to quite possibly the sleaziest politician that this country has ever seen. Why? Because people did not want that old guy as President.

Same thing this time around. Aside from the fact that Obama doesn't have a single backer that even remotely has any morals or ideas for the future, the Republicans RENOMINATED Bob Dole. Granted, his name is John McCain now, but he is exactly the same as Dole. Exactly, show me a single difference. Can you get pumped up about Dole again? McCain will lose in a landslide and the media will say that there is a "Progressive" shift in this country, but it is simply not true.

If Democrats were so attractive to the citizens of this country, why then, since there are nearly three times more registered Democrats than Republicans, 165 million to less than 68 million, have the Republicans even won a single election, much less two back-to-back Presidential ones lately? Here's why. Everyone knows that Democrats are bad for the economy, all intelligent people should see that from the economy since the Democrats retook the Congress. You know, the 0.6% growth this last quarter, unemployment creeping up again, the dollar down in world markets, and the doubling of gas prices should be a damn clue. All of this happened in less than two years when the Democrats took over. That, my friends is factual, you cannot dispute it.

The problem lies with Republicans, not with Democrats. Democrats are morons, you know that. But, Republicans are trying to corner that market, simply to get the press to like them, and McCain is the worst culprit.

Another thing that I saw in the news this morning was Newt Gingrinch talking about the gas tax and cutting it through the summer. He talked about how to pay for it. Am I the only person in the world that honestly knows that cutting any taxes do not have to be "paid for?" Why would anyone ever utter those words? The statement itself is simply asinine.

Here you go. There is not a problem at all in cutting taxes, revenue is always increased in the long run by doing that, the real problem lies in the fact that spending is totally out of control. Democrats are world reknown for spending, but the new Republicans are trying to get there. There is actually a move underfoot to spend money on GLOBAL WARMING! How idiotic is that?

If Republicans want to start winning elections, they simply must become Republicans again. Not that they ever will, they are just nice guys and have accepted the fact of that old cliche'. On the other hand, Democrats are shrill, screechy, whining cry-babies that have no clue how to do anything well. The normal people vote those folks out of their districts just so they do not have to deal with the squeaky wheels anymore.

So, I rattled all of that off, I guess, just to say this: if you are counting on President Obama to be a good leader and help the economy, you are ignorant of anything in this world. That statement is not a racist one and to say so is just silly, it is a statement that is solely based on facts. Was the economy good under Bill Clinton? Of course it got there after a few years, but it was not about Clinton, it was about the Republican Congress. Was the economy good under George W. Bush? Of course, but it went downhill quickly after the Democrats took control of Congress.

Why am I saying all of this? Oh shit, I do not know.

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