Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama is a Blatant Liar

Here's Barry's "sniper" moment. Everyone has commented in the entire world about the FACT that the Russians liberated Auschwitz. Obama lied about that, but has anyone said anything about the FACT that Barry's mother was an ONLY FRIGGIN' CHILD?


Obama has no uncles except for the ones in Kenya, who obviously did NOT serve in Patton's Third Army that DID NOT liberate Auschwitz.

Obama '08, He's a LIAR! AND A MORON!

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Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint you, but the story was about his grandmother's brother.
And for plenty of people, uncle is a perfectly natural way of referring to a great uncle.

Paul Mitchell said...

Not disappointed, sir. And the jury is still out on his GREAT uncle's service. I have no doubt that the research will find that Uncle Ralph was nowhere near Buschenwald.

Still he is a liar and y'all defend his lies. Typical Clinton-Lite mentality.

Ben said...

he lied, thought no one would call him on it because he knew the MSM wouldnt.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody make a mistake?

Whenever somebody mispeaks, then it must be a lie..come on sounds like your grasping at straws.

Could it be your upset because we don't have much of an alternative? A true conservative would want to break the US into 50 separate countries, or at the very least would want to dismantle the power the executive has accumulated over the last 50 year. Each state would have its own unique laws (CA would be allowed to have gay marriage) that don't violate the constitution and with mutual defense clauses so when one state is attacked all states must defend it.

The democrats give you big government and the republicans give you big government by stealth....where is the choice???

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Obama is not the dumbest (remember Ross Perot, he gave two elections to slick Willy). I would say Obama is usually skillful with his words, this was a slip up in my opinion.

Obama's disinterest in his "white" side is the side effect of his identity problems growing up. Lets face it in the US, he would never be considered "white." Black people in this country will accept anybody as black even with just one drop of black blood. I know this sounds racist, but this is apart of the psychologlical/social history of our country.

We've had worst presidents, look at the one we have now...He single handily destroyed the republican party. He walked into the oval office with a republican majority in both houses of congress and is about to walk out with a every growing democratic majority in both houses of congress. Given his results (growing government, destroying own party, blank check nation building, unnecessary/optional war (Iraq)), can Obama be any worse??

If so, tell me how...I would like to know.


Paul Mitchell said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on that one, Roderick. Perot is a self-made billionaire. You do not get that way in the technol;ogy field without at least the ability to know who to hire, Obama doesn't possess that ability. We can see that by how many of his aides and advisors that he has had to get rid of, you know the ones that are meeting with Hamas, the ones bad-mouthing white folks, the ones that release secure information that Obama is privvy to, the list is endless, so far 26 people have been fired or resigned from his campaign because of the Clintonesque underhanded dealings and lyings.

If you think that George W. Bush is a bad president wait until Obama reinstitutes Jimmy Carter's monumentally stupid policies from the late seventies. Granted, Bush is NOT conservative, and certainly his father was not, I have screaming that from the mountaintops ever since he was elected, but at the very least, he is a very smart guy who surrounds himself with very smart people. Too bad that he also has some folks that just want to be liked instead of making the tough choices that a President makes.