Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down The Plains

I've been here in Oklahoma a combined three million times now and it never ceases to amaze me that there are golf courses here. How in the mortal Hell do you keep the ball from ending up behind you? Even more funny is that here in Altus,OK, there is a park with a walking track around the lake and right next to it.....A FRISBEE GOLF COURSE!

Shit you not.

I cannot imagine the futility of actually attempting to throw a damn Frisbee here, it must be on par with trying to put socks on an octopus or trying to get Barry Obama to NOT sound like an idiot. Bean and I were talking last night over dinner at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse in OKC and she and I agree that Obama has that very same sing-song voice that Al Gore used to make me feel like I was having welding slag poured into my brain.

The fact that anyone has ever said that Barry McMarxistdumbshit is a powerful speaker must have never heard Ben Stein talk. Dumbheadshit's dumbshit speeches make Ben Stein's "Cleareyes" commercials look like a Tony Little motivational Gazelle Sell-a-thon. Have we totally collapsed as a thinking country? Methinks-YESSSSSSS!

Aside: If you are ever in OKC, go down to Bricktown and grab a steak at Mickey's, right across the street from the ballpark. I had the ten ounce filet and it was damn near as good as Morton's steaks. Yes, I had lobster as well, and felt friggin' weird eating lobster in OKC, a place not known for its oceans. Had the lamb chop app, too. You know that you are awesome when you order lamb chops as a appetizer. Bean had some kinda ahi tuna with the damn flavor cooked out of it, but remember, Oklahoma is not known for its oceans.....

Bean's dog (which was a B-A-D idea) loves me to death. As I type, his head is all up in my armpit. I knock him upside the head every time I left shift. He doesn't seem to care too much, plus he is not supposed to be on the couch at all, but I think that he is a dog and he pretty much will do what he wants to do because of that "being a dog" thing. There should be someone here to make him get down.

Holy crap, he hasn't moved at all, lemme see if he's still breathing. Yep! He's alive, just a deadbeat.

Sorry, I want to play golf up here. Didn't bring my sticks though, maybe I will next time.

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PS: I removed that crappy "making money" ad banner at the top, it seems that they had started putting pop-ups on this, the greatest idiot blog in the world. Oh, coupled with the fact that I had made a whopping 82 cents in two months. WidgetBucks, you blow goats. Goats that do not even deserve to be blown, either.

PSS: Even if GW Bush is not conservative, hey! let's call him that anyway so we can diminish even further what conservatism is. Let's just go back to those wonderful times when conservatives were not even involved in the political arena. You know, back then when there was double digit unemployment, the top marginal tax rate was 90%, twenty percent home mortgage rates, and gas was the so damn expensive that people started driving those shitty Toyotas and Datsuns. Man, I cannot wait to get back to that point.

PSSS: Only three more months until college football season. Then we can observe something important. Barry McStupiddumbshitleaddenseidiotmoron will probably outlaw football because he is too unathletic to play. Oh, yeah, he plays basketball. Shoe=fits.