Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uh, Houston, we have a problem

I was listening to the radio this morning, and almost crapped myself laughing when I heard the following news-

The only toilet on the space station MIR is broken. I can imagine the conversation with Space Command...

Astronaut: Uh, Houston...
SC: Go ahead...over..
At: We have a major problem that needs an immediate solution
SC: Go ahead. You have our full attention. What is it?
At: Uh, well...the pot's broke..
SC: Say Again?..over..
At: The shitter's broken......*...over
SC: *silence*

Apparently Scientists don't poop, otherwise they would have known that when you pile a bunch of guys together, with the occasional female, and serve them freeze dried food, the toilet is not bound to last long...any common man would have been able to surmise that one toilet on a space station just wasn't enough--especially one toiled with no spare parts...just one more reason us common folk come in first when it comes to common sense...I wonder who the first plumber to outer space will be. So this commentary today, got me thinking...How would you build your space station?

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UPDATE: Tried to post in the Houston airport when I was coming through yesterday, to say that there was NOT actually a problem, but I was not going to pay $7.95 for one day of Wi-Fi. That is my only complaint about Houston-Bush Intercontinental. That place is as large as Jafrica's entire city limits, but for some reason, it works pretty damn well. That is the only true accomplishment of HW Bush, (other than knowing Reagan) his name is on an airport that doesn't suck.

I also found out that they are going to remodel Terminal B, which is the one that I usually use coming from Jacktown and connecting to OKC. Oh, yes, please, since it works so well now, let's jack it up! Holy crap, Barry McStupiddumbassidiotMarxistmoronMcretard must be on the board of the airport.