Thursday, May 01, 2008

Take the Wonderlic

Since the NFL draft was last weekend, I heard all the jabbering mulletheads on the four-letter talking about various player's Wonderlic scores. Since I have never been remotely interested in the intelligence of football players, which borders on sandpoundingly stupid, this never intrigued me, UNTIL NOW.

On one of my feeds, I saw a link to a sample Wonderlic test. I knew that it couldn't be too damn hard because Eli Manning has been said to have a great score of 39. As a reference, Donovan McNabb got a 14, Roderick. Holy shit, he's retarded.

Just so you know, players get twelve minutes to do this 50 question test and they can do calculations on paper as well. Average balla score is 21.

The sample test that I took has only twenty questions, so I assumed that I had a little less than five minutes to take it. I actually took one minute and forty seconds, used no pencil and paper, and scored a 45. I almost had to stop reading another book while taking the test. Hell, I have two eyes, don't they work independently of each other? Obviously, the answer is yes.


Please notice that one of the months listed in one of the questions reads "Febtoday."

PS: My dog got a 35 on the very same test that I took and her paw is too damn big to actually claw at the answers accurately. I'm guessing that I might have mis-scored her a little, but I wanted to do better than a damn dog. Just saying.