Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barry McStupiddumbassmoron Comparison Number Three

UPDATE 2: I was told that I needed to obscure the photo. Now, it is of an anonymous moron that no one can identify.

More Leftist humor for you. Please recall the Chimpy McHitlerburton images, this has nothing to do with the fact that the Obamessiah is half-white. It has to do with the fact that most of his expressions are too embarrassing for chimps to make.

The image of the stupid person was stolen from David Drake. Please check out David's site, he does a bang-up job of calling Barry what he is. The image of the intelligent "person" was stolen from the site, "Things That are Smarter Than Barry Obama." The really funny images there are the ones of a coffee cup and of a discarded Birkenstock.

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As usual, ONE MORON in Memphis found this image of Barry Obama, copied it, and hit the "send all" on his/her e-mail and I get a bunch of hate mail. Now, I have to attach this montage of Bush/Chimpy to show these morons why I have taken to publishing these images. This tactic of political shitstorming was dreamed up by the Far-Left morons, not me, you ignorant imbeciles. I could not care less that Barry Obama's father was Black and therefore morons have to vote for him because he is darker than other candidates. I do care that he is a frigging moron and he will be elected in November. The only people that are even considering voting for Barry are racists, Communists, or deadbeat idiots that do not want to work. Oh, don't let me forget female news readers that like to look at his crotch. If you are even remotely interested in digging your head outta your ass and looking at his policies, I have an entire category set up for his stupidity, it's called "Barry Obama sucks." Another good label to peruse before you accuse me of being racist, would be "Universal Healthcare" which is one of the Obamessiah's pet "money for votes" issues for the deadbeats. The least of my concerns is the fact that he is of mixed race. What you idiots fail to understand is that electing Barry Obama will return Blacks to slavery and set race relations back a hundred years or more. He will be the new Black quarterback, think Michael Vick, you idiots.

One more thing for morons that intend to vote for this idiot, maybe you should read the Constitution, to which Barry is vehemently opposed, it is kinda what this country is about. Do a little background checking into exactly how good that your life is under the current President, ask some folks that were around in the very late 1970's and see what life was like then, and finally come to the conclusion that electing Barry Obama, while we have a Congress filled with anti-business morons, will be extremely bad for anyone that is not a Kennedy or Soros.