Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Drum Circle Continues?

Whenever someone has no retort to the intelligence of their opponent, the argument ALWAYS dissolves into hate or name-calling. This explains the mentality of those on the Left. The government of the state of Mississippi has allowed a car tag that advocates killing an individual. Yes, the Mississippi government is largely Democrat and always has been, just like nearly every state. Can you imagine a tag that read "KILOBAMA?" You cannot, because there are only six thousand people in this country that would even think about it.

Why supposedly thinking people would ever back Democrats is beyond my comprehension.

Disclaimer: I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh anymore. I listened from about 1989 until 1991 or so, then the commercials ran me away. I just couldn't take the twenty minutes of commercials every hour. Granted, his radio program FORCED me to start thinking about things and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Compassionate Liberalism? It doesn't exist.

If you would like to take the time to write a letter, which will NOT get a response, they seemed very unwilling to do anything, the address is:

Mississippi State Tax Commission
PO Box 1140
Jackson, Mississippi 39215
Attn: Barbara Ford

The phone number to her is 601.923.7000.


Anonymous said...

Hey Two Dogs! We lived in Mississippi when Kirk Fordice was governor. I actually met him twice. His photographers sent us a picture of my husband and I talking to him but it is of the back of our heads with him facing us. He actually got into the bad car accident just days afterward. When we left, Ronnie Musgrove was governor. I went to an appreciation dinner at Stew Pot in Jackson that he spoke at, but didn't get to speak to him. Boy, he had a posse all around him. I'm not sure where you are in MS... but Stew Pot is a soup kitchen with many other services and I volunteered there.

I've stopped listening to talk radio for the most part too... for the same reason!

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I posted a bit about you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I got impatient when posting my comment and it ended up being posted twice... so I deleted the duplicate. I always wonder when I see a deleted comment on my blog.

Paul Mitchell said...

Coffee Bean, I live in Brandon, that is a Rankin County tag.

I have actually donated a pretty good amount of stuff to Stew Pot and the architectural community used to do a fund raiser for them every year.

I seriously thought about leaving while Musgrove was governor, too. It was a dark day for Mississippi when he was elected and it looks like he might do pretty well in the Senator's race this fall.

Anonymous said...

That plate is so lame, tho I am not surprised some Demoidiot would display it. Not shocked that a state would issue it either.

Anonymous said...

We lived in Brandon off of Old Fannin Road pretty close to the reservoir! Small world!

Musgrove is running for Senator huh... I did not know that. Hmmm... I wonder if my husband knows that.

Architectural community??? What do you do? My husband was the controller for Yates Construction.

Paul Mitchell said...

Coffee Bean, I live very, very close to that same area. You can e-mail me for further details if you are interested. You can probably realize that I do not publish too much about my personal life here with the death threats and all. My content sometimes has a tendency to upset the morons.

Yates was actually the general on the last large project that I worked on. Most architects in Mississippi cannot stand working with Yates because they are not really concerned with the architectural intent of the building they are constructing, but are more focused on making a profit. I enjoyed the experience because I too am a profit hound.

Musgrove is also tied into the big stink with the beef processing facility because of campaign contributions from the developer. Personally, I think that he will not make it to the general election because of the legal fallout. One can only hope. And change.

True, the world is very small, but still, I wouldn't want to paint it.