Monday, June 16, 2008

Captain Obvious Finds Work as Barry's Speech Writer

From a comment this morning, I was made aware that Barry went to church yesterday and politicked from the pulpit. For some reason, I keep thinking that this is illegal unless you are Black. Could it be that currently, tax-exempt organizations cannot engage in partisan activity, including direct endorsements or opposition to particular candidates. Wonder when John McCain is scheduled to speak at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago? And wonder why Democrats hate church, any kind of morality, G-d, and anything religious, UNTIL they are trying to undermine this country during the election process?

Video HERE.

Every single thing that Barry talks about are ideas and tenets known by anyone old enough to form complete sentences, about age three, but remember, that is the extent of his intelligence. Oh man, he is just soooooo dreamy. Dammit folks, your Chosen One is an absolute moron. If you are on the Barry Train, you are a moron as well. Wear the label proudly, dumbass.

Then, at about the midpoint of the video he says this, "Yes, we need fewer guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them, yes, we need more money for our schools and more outstanding teachers in the classroom and more after school programs for our children. Yes, we need more jobs and job training and more opportunity in our community. WE KNOW ALL THAT! That's why I am running for President of the United States of America. (pause while the morons have a shit-fit) We know we need to bring about change in America. We know that."

One quick point, he never tells us how more of the exact same actually qualifies as "change." I am still waiting for that explanation. A lil' hepp here? Does that mean that every single person in that church (that is violating Federal election law) is dumb as a bucket of paint? Of course it does, and have they NOT read anything in the Bible at that church? I seem to remember that the book upon which their church was supposedly founded kinda tells them how to raise their kids. Just saying.

Then he goes back to the sing-song kindergarten voice, made popular by the ultimate moron, Al Gore, about mothers needing another parent to help at home, I guess that it means that government will issue fathers to these single moms. He also talks about his mother using food stamps to feed him. Can I see a show of hands from people that actually believe that Barry's mom, who lived in Indonesia with her second Muslim husband, used food stamps to feed poor, little Barry? Or maybe he meant his WHITE grandmother used those food stamps, because his grandfather was a complete and utter deadbeat that did not work and wouldn't get a damn job to help out.

I bitched and moaned about all that to point out the even more obvious. Government caused those problems. Does anyone NOT know that welfare programs destroyed the Black community? Does anyone NOT know that Liberal judicial policies of the 1950's and 1960's increased the crime rates twenty-fold? Does anyone NOT know that the very reason a college education is VITAL now is because our federally mandated public educational system has deteriorated into the abyss of stupidity? Government is definitely NOT the answer, it is the damn problem and Barry's entire platform revolves around MORE OF THE DAMN SAME BULLSHIT.

The fact that this moron has even gotten the nomination of the morons in the Democrat Party is stifling. I cannot even fathom the idiocy that Democrats have become.

Oh, McCain is a dumbass too, but at least he doesn't prove it daily. That has to count for something.

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