Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Journalists are Really Dumb

If you are a typical big media journalist, the only thing that you have accomplished is that you have ascended to the top of the pyramid of really dumb people. Rick Klein proves that thesis statement with THIS article entitled "What Went Wrong, How Hillary Lost." In his really silly article, he offers five reasons, none of which mean a damn thing. I shall break this down and then offer the real reasons for the normal folks.

Point one, INEVITABILITY AS STRATEGY. While most folks would exclaim, "That makes no sense!" journalists think that it is awesome. She thought that she was the nominee and that nomination was hers to lose, but the "working man" doesn't like to be told what to do. There are no Democrats who work, quit being silly.

Point two, OLD MONEY, NEW CAMPAIGN. Yet another point that means nothing. Most of the old money folks have always voted Democrat because old money is nothing but inherited wealth. Junior doesn't have the smarts that Daddy had, he never had to work for anything.

Point three, RULES ARE RULES. While that statement makes sense to most people, we are talking about the Democrat Party, nothing is etched in stone for them. You don't like a tenet? Just don't follow it.

Point four, WILD BILL. Yes, journalists worshipped Bill Clinton, but normal people with morals did not. Sorry, journalists, you cannot have it both ways. Either you report the news or you attempt to make it.

Point five, MATTERS OF TRUST. What in the Hell? This is Hillary, the anointed one. Anointed by who? Yes, the journalists.

Lemme tell y'all the real reasons that Hillary lost, if she has in actuality.

Point one, HILLARY IS A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING; NORMAL PEOPLE CRINGE AWAY FROM HER. There are actually some Democrats that believe in the idiotic policies that Democrats believe, because they know most people are too stupid to come in out of the rain. They vote Democrat because they want to force the taxpayers to take care of dummies. Most thinking people would prefer to thin the herd of the stupid.

Point two, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT DEMOCRATS, THEY WANT COMPLETE AND TOTAL SOCIALISM. Barry Obama offers the closest thing. To people who idolize Fidel Castro, Barry Obama represents the closest living person, except for maybe Jimmy Carter.

Point three, CANKLES. In order for men to admire a woman, she simply must be attractive, Hillary is pretty damn far away from that. Of course, to Democrats, she is extremely attractive because we are grading on the curve. Sorry, female Democrats are notoriously unattractive. Pelosi? Holy shit, where's that Viagra?

Point four, NEGRO TRUMPS VAGINA. In the Rock/Paper/Scissors that is the Democrat Party, this nomination procedure represented victim v. victim. We all know that the Black race is the more victimized, not the female. Couple that with Barry being half-white, which tempers the racism of Democrats somewhat, and the offspring of radical morons, he better represents the lunacy that Democrats push.

Point five, DEMOCRATS WANT THE LEAST COMPETENT CANDIDATE. Oddly enough, the only person alive that is more incompetent than Hillary is Barry. Having a complete failure as a candidate is preferable to Democrats because they do not want anyone that presents to them a more successful image. Remember when JOURNALISTS kept saying that everyone loved Bill Clinton because he was fallible, just like they were? That incompetence has come home to roost.

Fun fact about Barry: Did you know that when Barry Obama was Muslim, he hated the United States? One of those things has supposedly changed, can you guess which one?

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