Thursday, June 05, 2008

Please, Stop the Madness

Much has been said about Pflegler's shitstorm at Obama's KKK Church, but really, has anyone stopped to think about what he said and how absolutely stupid and ignorant and asinine his statements were? And has anyone read any of the articles written in the press about his brain vomit and, get this, his "REVERSE DISCRIMINATION?" Yes, you must remember that words have meaning, so "reverse discrimination" means hating someone just like you. Pflegler is white and hates whites, or at least lies well enough where it seems as if he does. Why the black folks in that Klan meeting do not lynch him for talking the way he does, amazes me. But, you know, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Anyhoo....this is what is being reported.

"Pflegler forced to take leave of absence because of anti-Clinton remarks." The morons in the media THINK that Pflegler is being drummed out of the Catholic Church because he said something about Hillary? Damn, Hillary is a piece of shit, who cares what anyone says about that scumbag? Or are they covering up the FACT that there is a decidedly racist, lynching environment in Obama's Klan Rallying Church by trying to make the issue about the lying sack of shit that is Clinton? Damn, Obama has written books about how much he hates white people, Asians, and Jews, what does it matter that he hangs out with folks that feel the same way? OBAMA HATES WHITES, ASIANS, AND JEWS, HE SAID IT HIMSELF!!!!!!!

Look, the word that everyone hears is "entitlement" and there is a group of people that suffer from the affliction, but it is, for the most part, not the rich, white folks, it is the poor, stupid, government loving dumbasses of all colors. Dang, philosophy and honesty coming up.

If you honestly believe that someone that has worked hard, dedicated him/herself to success, saved money, and has provided for his/herself even remotely thinks about you, Mr/Mrs Hating Person that attends Trinity United, you are mistaken. They are busy doing, creating, and producing, they do not have time to concern themselves with your shit, they got shit of their own.

Moron Pflegler screams to a bunch of victims and failures in a church and gives them a reason other than their own failures for being failures. And they are, anyone who attends that church is a failure filled with hatred because of their own shortcomings. I am not saying that there aren't any other churches like that one, but there is NOTHING good that this church has ever accomplished. I do not care if they feed every moron in Chicago, this church and everyone in it is evil and do not follow Biblical teaching. The haters in that church are there to get rich on the backs of honest, hard-working folks, MUCH UNLIKE THEMSELVES.

Just like Barry Obama. I typed all of that above to say that Barry Obama is a bigoted moron. He has proven that by his writings, his associations with bigots and terrorists, the backing of almost every ideology that has done nothing but commit crimes against humanity, and almost every one of his actions. He is bigoted towards anyone that is not exactly like him in every way, his race, his economic status, his complete and utter lack of work ethic, his religious beliefs, and his familial status. For anyone to even remotely think that this man is in the same realm as someone that strives to unite people based on commonalities, doesn't possess the basic intelligence to perform menial tasks.

Do I hate Barry Obama? Yes, I hate him because he is opposed to every single individual freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. And so are his supporters.

Please do understand that Barry Obama will not perform one thing that he has promised because normal people will rise up and prevent it. Or I can only HOPE.

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Skunkfeathers said...

I shall await with bated breath the media begin to throw themselves upon every stupid thing Obama has written or said (or his white-hating wife), trying to shield us from seeing or hearing them said, so that he can 'unite' us in November, and begin taking us for a progressive ride to socialism in January...