Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama Loves the Wealthy

Since class warfare works to get morons to vote for you, why does Barry pander only to the wealthy? Remember his foray into Billionaire's Row? See if this helps, "The bitter cling to their guns and religion....."

Barry has beamed his tax proposals in directly from his oversized head wedged firmly in his ass and has produced a plan that would place 131 billion dollars currently paid by the very wealthiest of the wealthy and redistribute that tax burden onto the lowest sixty percent of earners of the working class. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, Barry Obama is a tee-total dumbass.

"Under the Obama plan for 2009," explains Hodge, "more than $131 billion would be redistributed from the top 1 percent of taxpayers to all other taxpayers."

"In other words," says Hodge, "it is at this point a cautious estimate to say that in 2009, under Obama's plan, 1.13 million Americans would pay more in all federal taxes than 128 million of their fellow citizens combined."

More of the study HERE.

Tooly McDouchbag is a dumbass.