Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wesley Clark Proves Obama Backers are Morons UPDATED!

I hate to stink up this fine smelling joint by coming down on an ex-military guy, but shit, hell, damn. Wesley Clark said that McCain's leadership of his squadron was not a 'wartime' squadron, so therefore it wasn't executive experience.

Uh, what was the squadron that Barry led? Oh, wait, Barry wasn't in the military, so how big was that group that Barry led in the private sector? He's never had a private sector job? Oh, okay, how big was the government department that he led? Oh, he hasn't done that either huh? Just what HAS Barry done? Does anyone know?

So, just what in the Hell was Clark's point, that even though McCain's squadron was not "wartime," it only qualifies him seven billion times more than Obama? Yeah, great point there, General. Please go back home, sit down, and shut up, moron.

Not to point out the absolute obvious, it was Wesley Clark that led the Waco Seige that led to the death of 76 people and also led the military from 1997-2000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, brilliant leadership there, Doofus. Coupled with the FACT that he almost got forcibly retired from the military because he did not get promoted fast enough. Moron, just shut the Hell up, already.

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(Hat-Tip: Rightwing News)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin lets us know that Barry's executive experience is from teaching "Leadership Seminars" for ACORN. Since you cannot be trusted to click the links in any of my posts, Barry was a community activist for ACORN in Chicago. Just so you know, ACORN is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now! It is funded up to forty percent by your tax dollars and its primary mission is to bring about the downfall of Capitalism in this country.

Barry's ENTIRE executive experience stems from being completely anti-business, anti-freedom, and anti-American. Just more of the "Profit is bad" stupidity that rages on the Left. Nothing to see here, look away now.