Friday, June 13, 2008

Yippee! Barry is Going to Raise Gas Prices!!!!!

I have plenty of folks daily e-mail me ridonkulous stuff that the Obamoron says. Sorry, if I posted all of them, there would be twenty posts a day here. I just want you to remember one little tidbit before you watch this video, the Democrats captured the Congress with a platform of killing every unborn baby, making everyone become gay and get married, AND REDUCING THE PRICE OF GASOLINE! An aside, gas prices have increased 159% since the Dumbasses took the Congress.

Now that Barry is the titular head (picture that) of the Party of the Morons, something has changed. He believes that gas prices should have gone up gradually and as President, he is going to help you pay for it. He doesn't think that they need to go down. Watch.

Suck it up, we are doomed.

(Hat-Tip: Stop the ACLU)