Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hopey McChangerson Throws Fist-Bump Under the Bus

Much has been said about the growing bloodletting and carnage raging under the Changington Express, but shit, Hell, damn, the FISTBUMP?!?!?! Article HERE.

The first act that Obama has ever performed in his entire adult life that made me proud has now joined the likes of his grandmother, Jeremiah Wright, White people, Wesley Clark, Countrywide Mortgage, every unborn child, his "Presidential Seal," Tony Rezko, Rob Malley (the HAMAS-guy), and the bitter folks clinging to their guns and religion under the apparently massive drivetrain of that bus that is targeting every single human being and NOW fake display of affection.

We are doomed unless we can purchase a vehicle that is even more up-armored than his rolling mass of death. Where is the props guy from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" when you need him?

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(Hat-Tip: Rightwing News)