Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Talking Back to Stupid People

As you can well imagine, I post here with the pseudonym because I get hate mail and death threats from those compasssionate free-speechers on the Left. I really try to be nice to everyone, but I do not adhere to political correctness simply because I am not an idiot. I hold doors open for women because that is what gentlemen do. I do not make any attempt to belittle anyone that is remotely respectful to me. Yes, I can certainly take a ribbing with the absolute best of them because I have an extremely cultivated sense of humor and my friends (blog or real life) are all tough as nails, mentally, spiritually, and intellectually. "Birds of a feather shit on the Jeep, even while you are washing it." I think that is the old cliche'.

I typed all of that to segue into a response to a comment, a comment that I mistaken deleted on the "Why Does Barry Hate Women?" post. Of course, it was anonymous and I allow that because I do not care what anyone says about me or to me, actually. Ask Bean, she will tell you that I could not care less even if I went to the ends of the Earth trying to care less about the vitriol from my detractors. As my friend claney says, "That is just one more throat to step on on my way to the top." I wear a damn cup because I am a man and I have a tendency to speak my mind. Even though I administer this blog, I still like to have opposing viewpoints. Those opposing viewpoints are rare because most people just attack poor, little, sweet me instead of attempting to debate. YES, I can delete comments or refuse to post them, but what the Hell? Granted this blog is about ME AND MY OPINIONS, yet I still thoroughly enjoy the debate with people of opposing views. In e-mail or comments. My e-mail is plainly shown on the sidebar. meanolmeany@gmail.com. I answer every single e-mail that I receive. That is because I have manners. I am from the South and that is just what we do. Well, some of us. Democrats here are just like they are everywhere, vile, stupid cretins that hate everything.

The comment:
I have to say to you....What must you not like about yourself in order to find so much hate and dislike in you? If you are really really honest you may do some inner searching and realize that what you hate about Obama you actually hate about yourself.....Something to think about!!!

My response after seven minutes of thinking ('inner searching' to Fuzzy McFluffy) about this psychobabble and struggling to find a single thing at all about me that is even remotely like anything about Barry. Epic FAIL!

That is the problem with Obama supporters, debate on the philosophies or mannerisms that he has is NOT allowed. To be an Obama supporter, you just gotta F-E-E-L it. The ONLY reason to vote for him is that he is Black because every single policy belief that he holds is terrible. I thoroughly appreciate your concern about my mental health or underlying demons. However, I will address your comment making the wimpy, feeble attempt to point out my shortcomings, of which you are not even close to discovering, you do not possess the intelligence. Short answer, you support Barry, so therefore, you must be an idiot. I cannot sugar-coat that, there is too much factual evidence to ignore.

You see, there is a certain portion of our country's population that goes for all that mumbo-jumbo, sadly though, I do not fall in that portion. I do not wake up to aroma-therapy candles and I have never attended a drum circle. I am what is known as a "normal person that contributes to society."

The real thing to think about is, "What in the mortal Hell happened to your brain that keeps you from understanding very basic simple facts and deducing certain undeniable truths?" It is a very simple thing to look at the FACT that every single policy Barry espouses has been tried numerous times and every single time has failed miserably. DEFINITIVE, EPIC, FUCKING FAIL! (sorry, sometimes you just have to use that word, "ding-dang it" doesn't work there) The ones that suffer the greatest under his philosophy are the ones that are already suffering the most, the poor, the downtrodden, the minorities, the unaccomplished. And oddly enough, only the ones that have the victim mentality are the ones that are voting for him. Strange AND suicidal. A Two-Fer!

Even a cursory glance at history will PROVE to you those points. You only have to look to the 1970's in this very country to understand the detrimental effect of Barry's policies. Why can Obama supporters NOT see that and immediately turn on him like a ravenous pack of she-wolves? It should be known to him, since he is the most intelligent person to ever live according to his cultists, the very outcome that is inevitable when the government does what he proposes.

I think that he knows and doesn't care. I believe this guy is the latest incarnation of the Leftists that hope to destroy mankind to "save" the planet. His track record speaks too loudly to think otherwise. He wants GOVERNMENT FORCED equality of all people and the ONLY way to ensure that is for all humans to be dead. Not only that, I think this guy will stop at nothing to control all actions of every single person for as long as those people survive. If you are not dead, he wants you to be thoroughly beaten down until you cannot fight back.

He is certainly no special politician. His lies and missteps are repeatedly caught every time and every single reporter-moron has to capitulate, lie, and cover-up so Barry's true nature is never known to his sheeple. He is Robert Byrd, just with darker pigment. Obama-ites are the Neo-Klan.

All that shit said, the ONLY racists, haters, and idiots that are even remotely watching this election cycle are ALL in Barry's camp or at least under his bus. Again, a little check of history will show you that the Democrats are the ones that have supported slavery, racism, segregation, crushing of dissent and free speech, keeping the poor in their place, attacking those that want only to debate the issues instead of the familial attacks, denigrating our loyal military, questioning everyone's "patriotism," ruining the economy, stifling creativity and invention, KILLING BABIES TO CONTROL POPULATION OF UNDESIRABLES, practicing no morality, destroying hopes and dreams, undermining the greatness of individuals, stealing, raping, plundering, and still they have followers. You, my anonymous commenter, must wear that shoe because it fits like a glove. (Wow, mixed metaphors, from a hater!)

Yet, I am the hater. Yes, I hate what that evil person has done to his sheeple. That sheeple slaughter will be when you wake up unemployed, hungry, and out in the cold because of Barry's very philosophy. Yes, I hate him and his philosophy and I hate the fact that those who do not hate him are so stupid. Look at FACTS and HISTORY. I am right and you are wrong.

Thanks for the comment!

Holy Christ, Throckmorton, I didn't mean to get your damn PURSE dirty.


Skunkfeathers said...

There's nothing hateful about truth. There's much hateful about deceit, disingenuousness, and trying to intimidate truth with self-righteous howls about racism, et al.

Democraps, repent.

LOL...yeah, right...

Keep on 'em, TD.

Joe said...

Actually, history isn't on your side. This country was built on the strength of the American workforce and spirit, not the corporate CEO. So keep on supporting McCain and his blind faith in NAFTA and the like at the expense of the very people who made this country great.

It has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin, their religion or cult, or their lapel pin. Instead it has everything to do with having a job and the money to provide for your family.

Much love,

Paul Mitchell said...

Actually this country was built on the premise that man should be free from oppression implemented by government, in a couple of words, "Individual Freedom" but.....

Obama has said that he would continue to support NAFTA after his guy got caught telling lies about it? Weird. I don't know what to call that on Obama's side. Lying? Pandering? Plus, he is not even trying to formulate an opinion on NAFTA, he is just saying what sheeple want him to say, changing daily. The truth is that NAFTA was implemented and then unemployment decreased in our country and wages increased, soooooooooo. Cause and effect, anyone? Remember Clinton signed NAFTA anyway, that kinda takes the bite out of it for Leftists, doesn't it?

And CEOs are the LEADERS of businesses, they chould make a lot more money than the guy on the manufacturing line. Success and promotion should always be accompanied with greater rewards, that is a departure in idealogy of the Right and the Left. The Left wants everyone to make the same amount of money and the Right doesn't want to be tied down by morons.

Like I said in this post, Joe, the ONLY reason that you could possibly have for voting for Obama IS skin color, his policies are utter failures ALWAYS. The facts of this statement scream at you, loudly, Joe. You may hear it and think that it just your underlying hatred for humanity coming out, but you know these things to be true. Admit it, I clearly see from your posts that you care about other folks and are intelligent, but your caring gets in the way of what you know.

Just so you know, I am certainly not in McCain's camp, but he is only seven trillion times better than the fascist Obama.

Obama's policies (see Jimmy Carter etal): windfall taxes on corporate profits, proven failure to the economy and jobs. National healthcare, proven failures everywhere tried. Increased taxes on everyone, proven failures to the economy. Appeasement to terrorists, proven failures in security and peace. Increased minimum wage, proven failure for the poor's pocketbook and employment. How many do you want me to point out? Because every single issue that Barry has publically stated is his own policy bent, is incorrect. At least his batting average is perfect in his wrongness. That should be what McCain runs on.

You will come around sir, your personal success depends upon it.

Arcticman Speaks! said...

We have weekly drum circles here in Homer. We have the highest percentage on mental out-patients. HERE Obama is truly the Messiah and HOPE CHANGE BELIEVE are the mantra. Except for me and a few of my friends............

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, I gotta know, I even play drums and have no friggin' clue why anyone would want to do a drum circle. What gives?

Arcticman Speaks! said...

It's all about connecting. Finding your inner power. Seeing the great white light from beyond. Singing with the world in perfect harmony. Everyone here plays bongos. Not very well, but we play.

Paul Mitchell said...

I don't know about you, but THERE went my hamburger steak.

Arcticman Speaks! said...


You wouldn't believe how expensive a good steak is here. Tofu is always on the menu for the enlightened.

Paul Mitchell said...

Arcticman, it just ain't a meal unless an animal had to die to make it.

Mr. Cow, get in mah belly!

Two Dogs said...

Arcticman, it just ain't a meal unless an animal had to die to make it.

Mr. Cow, get in mah belly!