Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Woe is Me

I currently use Google Reader to keep up with the ever growing number of blogs and news sites that I read numerous times daily. I also subscribe to the local dog trainer for the local news delivered like six or eight days late. Needless to say I am very informed on the goings on in this country and for the most part, the world.

I didn't check my reader for a mere two hours today and returned to see 176 items unread! Luckily about half of those sites to which I subscribe publish a truncated feed so I can see quickly if it is something that appeals to me.

"You, blogger! Send me what I want to read! Now!"

Rarely do I miss something big going on, but today was a different story. George W. Satan was here in the Jafrican jungle and he held me up on the way to a meeting for an hour and a half. So, I listened to Hannity. First time ever. Hannity was actually not on the program, someone else hosted.

Here's what I learned. ABC News was in Iraq for a photo shoot with some stupid Senator or something, trying to show his/her/undecided's patriotism even though they hate the military, and the newsmoron was interviewing the soldiers on their personal preferences for President. Of 60 soldiers polled, 54 said John McCain, 4 said Tooly McStupidmoron, and 2 wanted Hillary. When the story aired on ABC, five soldiers were shown giving their answers, three for Obama and two for Hillary, no soldier was shown saying that McCain was their candidate even though McCain garnered a FULL NINETY percent of those soldiers polled! Wonder why?

UPDATE: It just dawned on me that this post could be somewhat ambiguous, so I think a little clarity is in order. If you utter the words, "Questioning the soldiers patriotism," you are a dumbass, check the very definition of "patriot." If you are voting for Dildo McShitweasel, I am not QUESTIONING your patriotism, you are decidedly un-American and you hate this country. You are by definition, NOT A PATRIOT. Barry Obama is an admitted Marxist, who promotes fascist ideals, something that our country is diametrically opposed to, he is NOT A PATRIOT. Deal with it.

Anyone that watches and believes the networks or CNN deserves to starve to death in a fire while wearing a "Hopey-Change t-shirt. Morons.


Arcticman Speaks! said...

One of many reasons that I killed my T.V. five years ago was the MSM. By the way Two Dogs, we all laughed long and hard at "Dildo McShitweasel".

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I rarely if ever watch the ol' tv, Arcticman, but you gotta have something to listen to in the car. I do watch baseball, though.

I am certainly glad that I can give you guys and gals something to laugh at. Keep 'em skrate up there! I appreciate y'alls good work.

It was 100 degrees here today, what you got?

Arcticman Speaks! said...

Highs in the upper 50's. I've had Ice on my car window for the last two mornings, which is completely strange. The snow and glaciers in the mountains are hardly melting, yet our city council just gave $40,000 to a consulting firm studying ways to help us do our part to battle global warming. I said F-it! to the chill and rode my Harley today!

Paul Mitchell said...

I covet your ice and your bike, sir. Yes, I know I am going to Hell for it, too.