Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Other News, CNN Declares Barry Supporters Mindless

It's always a good thing when a major news outlet gets one right. Hats off to CNN, that makes ONE.

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I jumped to conclusions when I saw this on Basil's Blog. Rarely do I actually click through on those headline links because the post is Basil's humorous interpretations of the headlines, so reading the article is really unnecessary. From Basil's Headline News:

From CNN:
Obama wins hearts, not minds, in Berlin
Obama continues to lead in mindless voters

Okay, so is CNN saying that everyone that even listens to Obama is mindless or is it just his supporters? Or maybe, it's just Germans that CNN thinks are stupid.

More Barry: All together now, POCK-E-STAHN. I wish he pronounced the other country as "OFF-GAHN-E-STAHN." What a dipshit, but he's got that shiny lapel pin, huh?

Watching this video brings to mind the old saw, "The blind leading the stupid." Which is which in this case?

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