Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kinda Sick of the Leftwing Media's Take on Fuel Prices

We hear about seventy-five percent increases in fuel costs, but do you think that is the truth? Let's look at the reality in the cost per gallon of regular unleaded.

Bush took office January 2001 - 1.40

March 2005 - over 2.00 for the first time (over four years to add sixty cents)

Sept 2005 - over 3.00 for the first time (six months for a dollar)

Feb 2006 - back down to 2.20 (but, dropped eighty cents in the next five)

Nov 6, 2006 - 2.18, so a total increase of 78 cents per gallon until the Democrats were elected.

Now, since the Democrats took the Congress....

Jan 2007 - 2.29

July 2007 - 2.93

Jan 2008 - 3.08

Feb 2008 - 3.13

Mar 2008 - 3.25

Apr 2008 - 3.46

May 2008 - 3.76

June 2008 - 3.97

July 7, 2008 - 4.05

So, in the year and six months since the Democrats took control of Congress on the SOLE PLATFORM of reducing the price for gas, it has only increased one dollar and seventy-six cents per gallon. An increase over twice as much as in the previous five years before they took office. Everyone keeps saying that is an increase of seventy-five percent, but that is patently untrue. Because.....

The number of people living at poverty level in the United States reached an all-time low on January 22, 2007. Since that time, it has started creeping upwards again. Of course, we already knew that Democrats are really bad for the economy and by default, poor people as well. Just so you know, when the Democrats took office, the average wage was the highest that it has ever been in the history of our country, $17.52 an hour. Today, it stands at $17.29 with an increase of six hours of overtime on average. Also, in January 2007, the average overtime was TWO HOURS, now, it is eight.

Just another little swift kick in the nuts, folks. In 2005, the average median income for households was $47,845 and then in 2006, the average rose to $48,201. An increase of $356 in one little year. And today, from the US Census Bureau, median family income is $47,960. A decrease of $241 since the time that Democrats took the Congress.

US wages since the Democrats took office have decreased hourly, and with more overtime, higher unemployment, and lower median income.

So, not only are we poorer and spending less time with our loved ones, we are also paying an ever increasing portion of our wages for the sky-rocketing costs of fuel (and by default, everything else) brought on by the wealth redistribution ideas from the Democrats.

VOTE DEMOCRAT! IT'S A TWO-FER! Less income and higher prices for everything, YAY!

And that explains the post below.

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