Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And Now, My Ass is Chapped

Here it is 10:35 on a Tuesday night and my self-employed ass is still working. So far this week, Sunday included, I have already billed 32 hours. It's Tuesday.

From one of my feeds, we get this link from Rightwing News to a DailyKos article, talking about how Americans are not selfish enough because we do not sit on our ass and get more from our government.

The article is asinine, as are all Kos articles, but the comments are even worse. Here's some in italics:

vacation time then that...learn from the europeans. five weeks a year = higher productivity

Even though by every single measure known to man and all the space aliens combined, the US has twice the productivity of any country in Europe.

That from the age of 18 to 40, we should be retired and have our pension. That's when we're young and can do anything. Then when you reach 41, that's when you go to work.

What can you say to them? "No, really, putting this plastic bag over your head is really, really fun!"

people are not wired to work 60 hrs a week, 50 weeks a year. we are sedentary, depressed, and popping pills for every symptom that arises. if we are shooting for the moon, mandatory vacation time for all should be part of the wish list.

You kinda need a job in order to get vacation, Numbnuts. Hard to get when you are a doper. Tell your mama that you call by her name instead of Mother, that you need to go to summer camp or something.

And yeah, after watching SiCKO I'm liking Canada and Europe more and more...more vacation time, less debt, health care, responsive government....

Hit the road, dipshit. Do not slam the screendoor, or I will kick your ass.

college to find "the right job" that never materialized, so then I took a low paying job at a real estate attorney's office. I worked my ass off, and eventually became VPQA of the firm. Although it was small, it was still an achievement, albeit one I had to work 6 to 6.5 days a week doing. Then I found my Shangrala, the civil service in the state of Illinois. Now, working for the evil government, I work a little less than 40 hours a week, with 13 vacation days/year not counting state holidays, and I'm happier than a pig in the euphemism we use for our current economy. Point being, corporations don't treat people fairly, government does.

Illinois, methinks that you have a deadbeat moron on the payroll. Oh, sorry, y'all are the reason for the Obamoron. Nevermind.

In practice, the benefits tend to be worthless unless you stay with the company for a very long time - and in the age of the disposable employee, that's rare indeed.

For this person, "a very long time" was explained as ONE YEAR. I have kept bread longer than that person keeps a job. No, I didn't eat it, then.

You put way too much effort into that comment. It's hard working people like you that keep us from universal health care.

The person this moron was talking about made a blockquote. The commenter was being cute, but he was serious.

Good lord, these morons actually have the power to vote. We are doomed to Hell. Armed revolution anyone? Remember, we have all the guns. They are "unnerved" with one in the house.

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CavalierX said...

Look at it this way: if we're very, very lucky, these morons will be too lazy to go vote.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for pointing out the silver lining, CavalierX. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

u need a real job! yeah I'm back...

Paul Mitchell said...

I hope that you have not returned to the wobblegs to talk about Barry and racism!

Seriously, I was actually worried about you. Welcome back.

Panther said...

u need a real job! yeah I'm back...

Two Dogs said...

I hope that you have not returned to the wobblegs to talk about Barry and racism!

Seriously, I was actually worried about you. Welcome back.