Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One More Post on Barry's Universal Healthcare Cost

Never again shall I post on exactly how bad Barry is lying on this matter. I have beaten that dead horse until it is just flinging big, red chunks all over the damn place. I even got some in my hair.

<--His staff told him there was pork in the salad. Muslims can't eat pork.

From THIS article in the Washington Post, a far-left dog trainer, so you know that they are rooting for Tooly '08!

*snip (emphasis mine)*

The report is part of the committee's ongoing investigations into waste, fraud and abuse in the fast-growing federal health program, which serves more than 43 million elderly and disabled Americans. Medicare pays annually more than $400 billion in benefits and is a fixture on the Government Accountability Office's "high-risk" list of troubled programs.

But, but, but, Barry says 65 billion for everybody! He can do it for 65 billion for 300 million people.

Please take the time to comment. No, really don't, it will just piss me off more.

Just so you know, that is over $9000.00 per person per year. If we spent that much for everyone, Barry's plan would ONLY cost 2.7 TRILLION.


JaaJoe said...

Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question. I found this article, 60% of Physicians Surveyed Oppose Switching to a National Health Care Plan, It's worth a read.