Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Legislation News - The Bad and The Good

My good friend, Gnutcase, whom I have known for thirty-two friggin' years and plays bass better than Geddy Lee, sends me news of the strange daily. Today's lead story on GNN was THIS. The moron-laden United States House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution apologizing for slavery and the racism of Jim Crow.

Now, since my family has never owned slaves (we called them "sharecroppers" according to Bean, the family Black person) I shall offer the video below as my apology for stuff that happened. Please remember that slavery and all racially biased legislation has always been passed by Democrats and Two Dogs ain't never voted for no danged Democrat moron. The Republican Party was formed to combat Democrat hate legislation. To the vid of my apology...

In further legislative news, Stop the ACLU posted THIS. I laughed my damn butt off. I want this bill to pass so badly that I can damn near taste its sea scallop-like flavor. Sweet, sweet sea scallops, oh how I love ye so.

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Arcticman Speaks! said...

That was Stephen Bishop playing the guitar. I would not have apologized.