Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wow, What a Reasonable Argument - With FACTS!

I do not like stupid people. Those folks that do not take the time to formulate reasonable arguments for the way that they think just drive me up the damn wall. Yes, there are some Republicans that do not bother with intelligence, but the overwhelming majority of stupid people are destined to be churned to meat Jello under the wheels of the Obamoron's magic bus.

Let's go to the George Soros financed Shitty McDumbstupidmoron campaign video. Watch closely, these are the folks that are Barry voters.

HO-LEE SHIT! There is so much wrongness in this two minutes, where do I begin? Lemme say the first thing that utterly sends me into fits of fits of spontaneous murder syndrome is the usage of "impact" as a verb. If you are that friggin' stupid, DO NOT MAKE A DECLARATIVE STATEMENT. EVER.

I so badly want to pound on these morons. And yes, the child, too, he will be another one of the deadbeats, with his grubby fat hand in my wallet. Dammit, there needs to be a damn test to reproduce. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT.........repeat forever......

Then, go out and buy a shirt that is at the very best, seven sizes too small for your overly soft and flabby sitting-on-your-ass body, while lounging around in your Soho apartment, you tool. And Mrs. Blandlandingham, go to the damn beauty shop. You are atrociously ugly, especially with that Buster Brown looking hairstyle. The sun? Have the two of you couch-potatoes ever seen it? How in the mortal Hell did you actually have that damn mud-ugly child? Yes, I hate the three of you. Y'all have turned me into a well-oiled hate machine. I never thought that would ever happen, but if I had a sixteen pound sledge hammer anywhere close to me right now, the world would know it. F-word, f-word, f-word.........

Did y'all recognize that thing that was pointing at you was a camera? Maybe you should try to look a little less frightening and not sound so obnoxious.

Now, to the content of their idiotic statements. Awwww, Ollie has only known WAR since he was born. Neither has a single other child since 7000 BC according to your asinine point. Did you realize that Ollie still doesn't know war? He doesn't know much of anything other than how to suck a bottle and shit in his Pull-Ups. This child is destined to become yet another generation of whining, shit-fitting little nancy-boys that will never accomplish anything.

I bet these assholes have put packing foam and duct tape on every single corner in their damn apartment. "Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkk! Get the piece of paper away from Ollie!!!! You might cut him!!!!!!!!!"

Let's talk about Amy's "hopes and dreams." She wants little Oliver to grow up in a safe and peaceful world, where his access to "healthcare".....well, that one just kinda fell off, huh? Oh, where he's happy, healthy, uh, and is able to be whatever he wants to be.

(Tangential ramblings: If by some miracle, Ollie grows up to not be a little Mama's boy and decides that he wants to flee from the oppression of these tit-turds, I hope he calls me, because I will finance it. I swear, Ollie Suplina, give me a call if you want to play with knives. And I can teach you to hit helmet to helmet so hard that snot bubbles will come from the other guy's nose. I can teach you things that are not feminine, your limp-wristed dad can teach you how to make peace signs out of dough. I do bet that Dadders is an "artist.")

Amy, did you realize that you said nothing but useless stupid shit that every single parent in the world says? How are YOU going to accomplish things for your crumb-cruncher? You had him, YOU take care of him. If you want him to grow up to lay around on his fat ass like you and the douche do, then YOU make it happen. You know, John McCain doesn't have a single damn responsibility to provide for that little shit, you do.

The President enforces the laws. That is his task. He doesn't breastfeed Ollie.

I got one million dollars to a day old donut that says Ollie will never play football. But, I bet he will be at an abortion rally before he is three. Any takers?

I think that we can see the difference between Conservatives and Liberals spelled out very well here. Oh, good G_d dammit, I am stewing about this idiotic commercial. Nick and Amy Suplina, the two of you have displaced Kanye West as the second on my list of people to pay a special personal visit. I am keeping the first a secret.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Long ago, a brain-fried liberal professor of dubious antecedence and less mental capacity from his overload at Woodstock, declared that there was truth in "ignorance is bliss", leading the liberals to push dumbed-down education to fill their voting ranks (along with dead folks, cartoon characters, illegal aliens and other vote-rigging). So for the unwashed ignorant out there, it makes all kinds of sense that they are DEMOCRATS.

This couple is simply indicative of the Obama wave.