Sunday, July 20, 2008

Music - A Sane Perspective

I like listening to music as I work, it helps me to think things through better when part of my brain is busy dissecting the tunes. I just cannot accomplish too much when my entire mental faculty is trained on my labor, the computer would blow up. And oddly enough, I usually listen to female vocalists, because I would rather listen to a woman sing than a dude. I am not listening to Metallica while I work, well I don't too often anyway.

I was told that Rihanna would be good for my purposes. Now, I owe someone a serious beatdown. I simply cannot believe this person is doing something other than pole dancing at the ugly club. Watch. Listen. Vomit. Repeat.

This is a music video, she is obviously NOT singing in it. Understand that is the way that her voice sounds AFTER ten thousand sound engineers (apparently they are beginners) have tweaked it. Are your ears bleeding? I have honestly heard dachshunds howling at a train whistle that sound better than this. And thank Gaia that Patricia Ireland wrote the lyrics! (NOW President from 1991-2001, she hates men.)

Below is a live show performed by Gladys Knight. This sounds good and it is live, like BEFORE ten thousand sound engineers tweak it.

I do believe that the world is coming to an end if Rihanna has sold more than seven records. Well, I am assuming that she has a family, you know. No talent hack.

But damn, don't you miss the Pips?

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