Monday, July 21, 2008

Moron Lies to his Constituents (updated at the bottom)

I preface this post with this statement: Any elected official that tells me that I am 'skeered' because I do not post my own name on a blog, can provide the security to protect my family in this age of violence toward the people that do not fall into lockstep with political correctness. If those on the Left would not threaten my family, my address would be on this website and I would meet anyone at any time for debate. But alas, those on the Left are deranged maniacs that do not know how to disagree without the threat of violence toward someone weaker than them. You are an elected official, Toolbox, act like one. I fully expect you to attempt to shut my blog down, you appear to be that deranged. Oh, and grow a sack.

Politicians lie. They get paid very well for it and it is basically their lifeblood. They do little to alleviate problems in our lives because they cause them to begin with. That said, the Clarion-Ledger allows our state government turds to publish blogs on the C-L website and one representative gets his blog published in the paper all the time. I guess it is some kind of "Help the Handicapped" program, but this guy is friggin' retarded.

Today I read his blatherings and it pissed me off so bad I went to his blog and damn near dropped an F-Bomb as a comment because his entire post was a flat-out lie. (NO, I did not post one single dirty word.) His partisanship rivals that of Nancy Pelosi and his intelligence rivals that of week old heat rock*. Every single minute that he is in or on his way to Mississippi's state house, a village is denied the presence of its idiot. Otis Campbell is a Nobel Laureate compared to this guy.

Since he is such a whining little Democrat titty-baby, I will not post his article or even an excerpt, but instead I link it HERE, so I won't get sued by this blatant liar. You will have to scroll down a little bit past his puffed up self-induced back slapping to even read the idiotic post. Please read it, it is screeching of a lunatic.

Then to add gas to my already overheated fire, he denied the comment, and posted THIS. Read it, it is a whole post dedicated to my comment calling him a moron. He tries to explain that he is open to discussion while at the same time denying comments. Sorry, Representative, I speak my mind and there is no elected official that is going to tell me how to do that, I believe in the First Amendment. Maybe you should read that one. But, as usual, our elected officials do not want any disagreement with their idiotic diatribes dipping into the stupidity abyss.

Our elected officials are trying to take more of our hard-earned money to pay for more handouts for deadbeats. Medicaid in our state already costs us an arm and a leg, but a few years back, Governor Ronnie Musgrove (One term Democrat idiot) and the Party of the Morons state house relaxed the requirements to receive Medicaid. Then, they advertised on the damn radio for Mississippians to get "what they were owed."

The Republican minority tried like Hell to stop the addition of 75,000 more deadbeats to the welfare rolls but were unsuccessful. Needless to say, when you add 75,000 more people with their hands out, the cost goes up a damn bit. Now, Medicaid is in trouble because revenues are not great enough to cover the "shortfall." A degree in rocket science is not necessary to understand this.

Instead of simply reducing the rolls by that very same 75,000 people, to cover the costs, the State Legislature has to increase revenues. It is job security for them, they gotta buy votes from somewhere and working people do not need them.

Those are the facts concerning Medicaid. And I allow any and all comments to be posted to my blog, I will edit the language if needed, but there are no restrictions. Try to argue your point here. I give you the floor, sir, and you can even post comments anonymously because I have a damn backbone, unlike some elected officials. And my e-mail is posted on the sidebar as well.

Please take the time to comment.

* a heat rock is a dog turd.

UPDATED: I do not recall ever calling Obama "Satan," but it sounds like something that I would say in a bout of sarcasm. But of course, Democrats do not get humor at all when it is directed at them and their stupidity. Obama is simply the typical Democrat with his head shoved deeply in his mud ditch. And no, I do not want to be your C-L friend. Probably because I have no idea what that is, and I do not go to the website that much anyway. I do not Facebook or My Space (except for one damn person) either, I'm grown, sorry. Thanks for asking though.

But of course, I get accused of lying about the friend request by morons that think that government officials have integrity. Of course, the taxpaying voter is the f***ing liar, not that guy in the state house. *Click the image to see it full screen, please make some kind of futile attempt to tell me that it is Photoshopped. If there is any manipulation other than the words written in red by me, I will purchase the entire world, place it gently upon your lawn, and then eat it on national television.*