Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Morning Math - Economics 101

Those of you who read this crap regularly know that I like to run numbers on certain things. The math usually makes problem solving easier. Y'all probably know that I think that teachers, journalists, and politicians are the dumbest people in the world. Imagine what I think of political journalism professors. And here is an article from one such "person." Full text HERE.

Anyone that was alive during the Carter administration knows that Cynthia Tucker has a debilitating brain disease called "Stupid." Her brain does not function properly and she is a danger to the entire world. The fact that she actually runs the opinion section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution proves that there is no need to ever purchase that paper. But, we also know that by comparison, Jimmah is an absolute genius up against the intelligence of Barry Obama. That means that Obama simply must wear shoes that have Velcro straps or he either wear loafers, because to be dumber than Jimmah Carter, you have to be braindead.

Carter administration: highest unemployment since the Great Depression, lowest wages since the Great Depression, highest inflation since the Great Depression, highest fuel costs per capita EVER in this country, including now, lowest reinenlistment rate ever, highest interest rates EVER, but Holy SHIT! That economic policy was sound, I tell ya'. There exists no explanation in any way that can give Cynthia Tucker ONE SINGLE REASON for ever publishing this article. There exists not one shred of any documentation that can ever justify her article unless, to her, everyone being broke, unemployed, and starving is her description of "success."

Journalist, teachers, politicians. Holy crap, probably the most powerful people in our country are idiots.

Now, in the past three or four days, I have not had the time to post or comment like I normally do, but I have maintained a conversation in an older thread about, you guessed it, "healthcare." I gotta throw out some food for thought on that topic.

Since we have no clue what the term "healthcare" even means, lets decipher that term and yet again, run some numbers. By uttering the word, "healthcare," I assume that you simply must mean "medical services." With that clarification, I continue.

There is no disputing of the fact that the overwhelming majority of medical breakthroughs occur in the United States. There is no disputing of the fact that we have the highest survival rate from major illness compared to any other place in the world. And there is no disputing the fact that doctors make more money here than in any other country. That means that a) we have the best research on the planet, b) we have the most advanced care in the world, and c) we reward success in medicine more than any other place.

Those are three very important points, don't you think?

Now, the whole big shakeup in the way that we conduct the business of medicine is in question. Why? Because it costs too much for some folks, even though a regular doctor visit only costs me forty-five dollars. Twice a year. Ninety bucks, people. The dentist visits cost sixty bucks per, twice a year. One hundred twenty bucks. My major medical costs me $1044.00 bucks a year. That is a total of $1254.00 a damn year. I have not spent more than that total in over twenty years for a total of a little over twenty-five thousand dollars. That is how much it has cost me for twenty years. That amounts to a little over THREE PERCENT of my total wages in that whole time. Yes, there are people that pay much more than that, but they are usually older and have more medical costs because of that, but I can almost guarantee that it is nowhere near what other people pay in countries with a national healthcare plan.

People in France pay over thirteen percent and people in Great Britain pay over fifteen percent. I have no idea what Canada pays because they do not have a calculator in Canada so they cannot figure their costs up for us to compare.

Now, why would we want to scrap what is a) the best research, b) the most advanced care, and c) the greatest rewards? The only reason that I can come up with is because to those on the Left, success is measured in suffering and death. Proven by the article from Cynthia Tucker above.

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Oh, and as always, Barry Obama PROVES that he is an idiot and Time loves talking to him. They jump out of the gate asking him the TOUGH questions like, "How do you like your new plane?" By the way, he doesn't like it because the shocks are old and it had an American flag on the tail, which he promptly replaced with the seal from Obamaland.