Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things You Should Read

While reading all the posts from my subscribed blogs this morning, I realized that I currently read fifty-three blogs every day. I guess at some point, I will have to quit working so I will have enough to time to read all the things that interest me.

The breakdown: I read nine blogs written by folks that started blogging about the same time that I did, back in February 2005. I have read everything they have posted for over three years. I feel like I know these folks and have only met ONE of them. Basil took Bean and me to a Montgomery Bisquits v. the Mississippi Braves game, two years ago when Bean was at Maxwell Air Force Base. You shall never meet a finer person. Read his blog. Now.

I also read some other blogs that deal with day to day stuff of fine folks just living their lives. You know, taking out the trash, performing home maintainance, normal stuff.

I read four blogs that are strictly comedy. Because I love life and I love to laugh. <--Just check my Facebook profile and my Yahoo Personals account, they say it right on my profile page. (No, I do not have either, nor do I know anyone that hates to live and laugh, so that is just dumb as shit to say, but almost everyone does.)

I read a bunch of news sites and quite a few on economics. There are a few politics sites, but not many because I have my own opinions. Yes, I do like listening to other's as well, but the really interesting stories automatically get linked somewhere in my news reads. It's too convenient.

Finally, I read Military blogs, because no one knows what is going on with the terrorists of the world better than those bloggers in the armed forces. THIS is Blackfive. Go check it out, because I ran across an article that I was going to link and today they are knocking it out of the park. Just start at the top and read everything that they have ever posted. Trust me. READ THIS especially.

And read The Mayor, too.

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