Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Unbiased "News"

No, this is NOT the CBS Evening News, it is Keith Olbermann's show, with some box of chicken hosting and interviewing a tube of toothpaste. Actually it was Beaker interviewing Crazy Harry, but who's keeping score? Let's go to the video.....

Wow, there is some kind of objectivity there, huh? Do you think that Beaker could point out that all it took was for President Bush to remove the Executive Order prohibiting offshore drilling as the reason for the largest tumble in the history of oil prices? Shit naw, that would actually give the three people that watch Olbermann's show some information that their Annointed One is a moron. Yeah, an increase in the supply of oil will not reduce prices, but, but, Hell I have no idea what their plan is. I guess that the Hopey-Change plan is to milk unicorns, because everyone knows unicorn's milk is already unleaded gasoline. This Olbermann show exists, folks. What in the mortal Hell does that tell you?

And by the way, can we please be informed about what exactly the campaign manager for John Edwards thinks about some more stuff? What are his thoughts on why the sky is blue or why rain falls down instead of up? Thanks, MSNBC, you are filling the empty niche of what the thoughts of insane morons are on important topics. Go get me a latte, please.

Oh, and a little further proof that Barry is dumb as a post is this little tidbit, excerpted and modified a little, "Knowing now, because hindsight is 20/20, I would still try to appease Hitler and to promote our allies, the Soviets, because I believe it in my soul that I am right despite every single fact pointing to the exact opposite." Even knowing that he was wrong, Barry still stands by his original opinions. Holy shit, Barry is a stupid dummy.

Story HERE on his "Hitler" comments.

And if you are just a few morons shy of bagging your limit, HERE's Michelle Obama's Facebook Wall. The hunting is like shooting fish in a barrel. Pack plenty of ammo.

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