Saturday, July 19, 2008

The US Military is 100% Black!!!!!!!

UPDATE: It was widely reported in the Moron Stream Media that this was in fact Afghanistan. They lied. The truth is that this is Obama in Kuwait, preaching to the choir about how stupid he is while being safe in an area that has been liberated from Saddam under George HW Bush, yes, three Presidents ago. Please note that General Petraeus has been babysitting Barry to make sure that he doesn't totally screw up the Middle East during the Magical Unicorn Tour. Our COMMANDER ON THE DAMN GROUND! is having to stay with Barry and ignore his damn job. Thanks Barry!

Just watched the first vids of the 2008 World Tour of the Obamessiah! It is glorious. I bet Chris Matthews leg is going flat out nuts. One startling development is that I just discovered that the United States military is comprised totally of dark skinned folks. I swear that I have met light skinned folks that were wearing uniforms, but I guess they were just mailmen.

Video HERE.

Yes, I realize that the screenshot is very bad, but simply click the link and you can watch the video. I hate white people, they do not serve our country in any capacity.

And just so you know, Communism, the government of choice of 100% of Obamaniacs forbid Blacks from drinking in bars. No Blacks in the bars during the Obalympics. Go China! Obama '08!

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Does anyone have any clue as to why there are only three white folks in the entire gym? Did Obama travel back in time to visit the Tuskegee Airmen or something? I mean, obviously he could do that if he wanted.


Arcticman Speaks! said...

He's black and can hit three pointers?!!! We'd all be better off if he would go NBA.

The video was just another example of the media lying to us.

Back when I was a GI we might have put together a group or an audience of troops with such an absence of whites. We were called a cook platoon. But as I remember, my brothers back then would have called him some VERY unflattering names. We'd had enough of democrats and the military was not a good place for one to show his face.

It's easy for one to come around now since the military is far from the demoralized rag-tag bunch we were.

Wait till a couple of years go by after the election and see if a democrat president is so popular.

Paul Mitchell said...

Arcticman, I feel relatively certain that the Obamedia allowed their master to keep trying until they got one on film. I've seen him play, he sucks like a street balla does. So, maybe the NBA doesn't need him. You know, just like the rest of the country doesn't need him.

Skunky, I was thinking that we needed the largest minority to come in fight our wars, let's not go crazy and make the whites do it.